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Blog | Highlights of WordPress 3.0!!!

Highlights of WordPress 3.0!!!

Posted By Brady Nord

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WordPress 3.0 was released to the public June 17th with a mountain of changes to it’s previous version.  I have compiled my personal favorites below.   For those of you not fully aware of the recent changes to WordPress, check out my favorites below:

1.  Custom Menu Management:

This allows the creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags, and links for use in theme menus or widgets. Our latest WordPress theme to be added to the marketplace, FolioStudio, takes full advantage of the new menu system. Take the FolioStudio theme for a test drive to see it in action.

2. Improved Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies (structure) including hierarchical support:

3. Custom Header and Background API’s:

I am going to caution all users that this is not a replacement to a custom design that you would find at MOJO Themes, but it is a great solution to jazzing up the base template.

4. New Default theme “Twenty Ten”:  This comes available with all the functionality that a premium theme would have.

Now we realize that the majority of users don’t use the base theme, it is still nice to see an improved base and imagery.

5. WordPress merges with WordPress MU:

This enables the management of multiple blogs through a single admin.

6.  Custom background from the admin:

It’s clear from a few examples I have given that WordPress is taking a much more streamlined approach to usability.  At every level, simplicity is exemplified.  They truly have built a powerful, yet very simplistic approach to managing your website.  If you have not upgraded I would highly encourage you to download 3.0!

What are your favorites?


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