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Blog | Top WordPress Theme Wins the iPhone 4

Top WordPress Theme Wins the iPhone 4

Posted By JR Farr

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Calling all MOJO Sellers!

You guys ready for our latest contest?

Here at MOJO-Themes we have grown to be big fans of Apple products. For those of you that were around when we launched the beta version of the site in March, we had a big giveaway called “March Padness”. Those lucky iPad winners! ;) For our March Padness contest, we gave away 3 Apple iPads to the sellers who uploaded the most approved items. Pretty cool eh?

Now that we’re 3 months in, we decided to push another contest around the sought after Apple iPhone 4! Only this time around, because of carrier restrictions, we’ve decided to give the prize as actual cash instead. We’re paying $200 cash, the price of the 16G iPhone 4. That way if the seller doesn’t want the iPhone they can spend on whatever suits their fancy! Also be sure to checkout this Review Theme for affiliates.

Our new contest is simple. Here’s the scoop:

Upload your WordPress themes before the end of this month (July 2010). At the end of the month we’ll highlight all of the premium WordPress themes accepted during the contest and everyone will vote on which WP theme they think should win the cash prize to spend on the Apple iPhone 4!*

The seller contest details are as follows:

  • The contest only applies to WordPress themes. So go ahead and get started coding your HTML templates.
  • At the end of the month (July 31st, @ 11:59) we will assemble all WordPress themes submitted during the month and display a portfolio for all to view the submissions.
  • Time to Vote! Whatever seller gets the most votes as the best WordPress theme will win the whole enchilada!
  • We will announce the winner one week after the portfolio is published live. We look forward to any and all submissions, and don’t forget to let your friends know to submit and vote!

Additional details of the contest:

  • Items uploaded must stay on the MOJO marketplace for at least 3 months.
  • Prize winner will be announced one week after the contest to ensure we have enough time to review all items.
  • Winner to be paid in cash via PayPal.

*PLEASE NOTE: The model we’re promoting is the iPhone 4 16G so we’ll be giving you $200 cash to purchase the iPhone 4 or anything else your little heart desires.

Ready. Set. Go!

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