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Blog | New Category: WordPress Child Themes

New Category: WordPress Child Themes

Posted By JR Farr


Lately, we’ve had quite a few sellers asking us about the possibility of selling child themes within the marketplace. We’ve discussed a few frameworks here and there and starting today, we’ll now begin accepting child themes for sale!

Essentially, you’ll upload under the WordPress category like Genesis Child Themes but we’ll be adding a new category within the navigation that will be dedicated for ONLY child themes.

WordPress Frameworks

Now I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few frameworks beginning to pop up. Before we just open up submissions for ANY framework child themes there’s a few things I want to touch on.

  • STARTING WITH A FEW — What we decided to do was to approach each of the framework developers individually and make sure there are no restrictions and follow any guidelines as per their request. After all, they put in their time to build these awesome frameworks so we want to make sure we respect their work.

Thus far, we’ve been able to get in touch with the awesome guys over at StudioPress & Ian Stewart of Thematic. For starters, we’ll be accepting Genesis & Thematic child themes for sale. IMPORTANT — Child themes will be released under the FULL GPL license.

  • MAKING IT CLEAR TO BUYERS — An important part of this new category is ensuring potential buyers understand they need the theme framework in order for the child themes to work. We’ll need your help to make sure you do all you can to let potential buyers know they need to purchase the framework. All support for the framework will be handled by the framework developers and of course, any support on the child theme will be handled by the seller.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional Frameworks?

What other frameworks are you interested in selling child themes for?

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