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Posted By JR Farr


We thought as we enter into a new year, it would be a great time to give a little insight on how MOJO’s grown up over the past year and what our goals are for the future. As we ended 2010, the team reflected on how we much we really did grow, how aggressive we really were with our marketing/promotions and how much bigger 2011 will actually be.

So again, here’s a quick look at how things worked out and where we’re headed.

Quick Recap on MOJO Themes

March 2010

We hit the ground running when we finally had all the pieces in place to launch the MOJO marketplace. For those not around when we did, we launched our BETA site with the March Padness contest to encourage sellers to upload with our new marketplace. We ended up giving away 3 brand-new iPads. Again, this was last March, the same month the iPads actually hit the Apple Store, so it was sort of a big deal.

We ended up opening up the marketplace to public in April, 2010 and had around 20-30 items along with a few hundred users. From there we launched a few other contests for sellers as we continued to grow, market and bring on more users.

April/May 2010

Enter JOINT FORCES. The very first collaboration program for designers & developers. That’s right. We developed an entire system to allow our sellers to use their skills together. As you upload your new item with MOJO as a team, simply add their username/email during the upload process. Once it’s been accepted our system will automatically split the commissions to all the members of the team. We’ve had teams upload quite a few items already and we hope in 2011 we can place more emphasis on this to make sure people know about this awesome program.

Be sure to head to check out the dedicated JOINT FORCES forum to collab with other designers & developers.

June/July 2010

Finally in June, we launched our in-house affiliate program and the highly anticipated WordPress 3.0 arrived. We also, started From the Factory tutorial series to help sellers and others learn from our tutorials. Back to seller contests, the iPhone4 was released so we launched another contest to giveaway cold-hard cash for the new iPhone.

August 2010

As we stormed through the summer months, we hit it big in August. Launching our extremely successful and popular $250/per upload contest. Essentially any approved upload received $250 instantly. We ran this for 2 months so you can imagine how many people took advantage of this. ;) For us, we were able to bring in a ton of new items that were all extremely high-quality.

We also released a post about the Evolution of WordPress and how far it’s come today. I mean they just recently surpassed 30 million downloads of the new 3.0… Crazy!

To cap off an extremely successful month, MOJO Themes was able to sponsor, attend and speak at WordCamp Utah 2010.

Attention WordCamp organizers, our goal this year is to help any of you. Whether you need a theme, plugin, etc. be sure to let us know. We’re here to help!

September/October 2010

A fun month for us as we were able to announce 2 new categoriesWordPress Child Themes & Plugins. With this new addition we’re able to bring on some great Genesis framework child themes like Endeavor by flashingcursor. As well as some top-notch WordPress plugins like Event Espresso’s event management WordPress plugin or Weborithm’s WordPress auction plugin.

Oh and who can forget 2 huge announcements in October. MOJO Madness (WordPress themes only $10 for 15 minutes) and the introduction of the MOJO Monthly Awards.

November/December 2010

We ended the year making some big noise with our Cyber Monday Bundle. It included $579 worth of items for JUST $30! You may remember the winter wonderland that took over the entire MOJO site. ;) We couldn’t have done it without our amazingly talented team of rockstar designers and ninja developers but more importantly our sellers who included their items within the bundle.

2011: The Future of MOJO Themes

Looking to build on top of this momentum, we’ve got quite an ambitious list of goals planned for this year. Just like we launched this marketplace, we’ll be taking the same ambitious and aggressive mindset to make 2011 an amazing year for everyone involved with MOJO! Enough talking, here’s some exciting things to look forward to this coming year.

  • MOJO Themes re-design – As some of you already know, we’ve teamed up with Brian Hoff. We’ll be working with him to come up with Version 2 of the MOJO marketplace. You can catch some of the design action on Dribbble as he’ll be capturing and sharing the entire re-design process. Cool huh?
  • Anniversary Bundle - As we approach April, our 1st birthday, we’ll be launching another bundle to celebrate. If you’d like to participate or have your items in the bundle be sure to let us know!
  • Seller Contests - Sellers, you can expect us to pick up right where we left off with our contests again this year. Our sellers are what makes this marketplace tick and we want to always reward you for your hard work.
  • Niche Themes – Speaking of seller contests, this year we’ll be trying to focus a bit more on encouraging sellers to produce some more niche themes to fill the gap in various industries. We think it should make for some exciting contests this year.

Well that’s pretty much it. There’s a few other “top secret” things we’re currently working as well but it’s still a bit early to share. As always, we want to say thanks to everyone that’s been a part of MOJO. Sellers you have uploaded some amazing work and we can’t wait to see what your talents deliver this year. If you’re thinking about becoming a part of MOJO, don’t be shy, we’re a friendly ‘ol bunch.

Looking forward to a great year!

- The MOJO Crew

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