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Blog | 25 Awesome Free Fonts for Designers

25 Awesome Free Fonts for Designers

Posted By CreativelyShane


Typography is one of the most important aspects of a design. It’s what brings the whole design together. But the problem is scouring the web for fonts takes a long time which is why I put together this list of my favorite 25 free fonts as a designer. Enjoy!

1. Coolvetica
Coolvetica Font

2. Lato
Lato Font

3. Androgyne
Androgyne Font

4. Harabara
Harabara Font

5. Nobile
Nobile Font

6. ChunkFive
ChunkFive Font

7. Nilland
Nilland Font

7. Amperzand
Amperzand Font

8. Fontin
Fontin Font

9. Japan
Japan Font

10. Museo Sans
Museo Sans Font

11. Museo Slab
Museo Slab Font

12. Hand of Sean
Hand of Sean Font

13. Sansation
Sansation Font

14. Marketing Script
Marketing Script Font

15. League Gothic
League Gothic Font

16. Permanent Marker
Permanent Marker Font

17. Aller
Aller Font

18. Junction
Junction Font

19. Lot
Lot Font

20. Prociono
Prociono Font

21. Good Dog
Good Dog Font

22. PT Sans
PT Sans Font

23. Blackout
Blackout Font

24. Arista
Arista Font

25. Raleway
Raleway Font

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