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Blog | Featured Seller: Authentic

Featured Seller: Authentic

Posted By J.R. Farr


As a long time seller of MOJO, the Authentic team has recently come on strong releasing theme after theme. Each one delivering the same high-quality as the rest of their portfolio and we couldn’t be happier to have them a part of MOJO. We had the chance to chat back and forth a bit with them to find out more about them and what makes them tick.

Featured Seller: AuthenticBelow is a quick interview of this months featured seller: Authentic. Check out their portfolio → Authentic Themes

1. The basics, who are you, where do you live?

Hello, my name is Matt. I am a 22 year old British Front End Developer living in Japan although I do get to travel a fair bit! When I’m not at the computer I like to train at my local Karate Dojo, I also enjoy exploring in my spare time. I am a co-founder of Authentic a creative studio based in Japan. As you might be able to tell by now writing is not my Forté hah.

2. Where did you learn to design and develop killer themes?

Autsten WordPress Theme from Authentic

Well from an early age I have had a desire to see/study how things work from taking things apart for example an oven, mailboxes, door handles a lawnmower nearly anything you can think of I would take apart to see how it ticks. One day when I was around the age of 10-11 I decided to see what a web page was made out of and from there on I started to teach myself how to code. Then I started to study on how to make the appearance more appealing to users then I discovered Photoshop. Over the years I slowly got better and better freelancing and here I am today creating HTML Templates & WordPress Themes.


3. What are your favorite apps/programs to use when developing?

Normally I will start a design on grid paper then move over to Photoshop where I will spend around a day building the design from ink & paper to pixels! The next day I will take a fresh look at the design and see if anything needs tweaking. I occasionally ask for another set of eyes to see if everything looks in order.

After the design is complete I will begin the coding process. I use a VMWARE LINUX Environment (localhost) to test my work on. This makes the process much smoother than uploading a large amount of files to a remote host a thousand times a day. I use Notepad++ for my editor and FileZilla for my ftp tool both of them simple, straight forward and easy to use.

4. We have to see the work environment. Are you in an office or home? Mac or PC?

Due to traveling a fair bit I will usually work at home but I do enjoy hanging out at the office when possible. Currently I am using a couple of PCs with LG 22” Glossy Screens (1 setup in Japan, 1 setup in England) although I am currently about to purchase a Macbook 15” and a Mac Mini for a development server. Hurrah!

5. What can you not live without when building themes?

I would have to mainly go with hardware it just makes things easier:

  • LG 22” Glossy Screens
  • Logitech/Logicool MX Rev Mouse
  • Logitech/Logicool Illuminated Keyboard.
  • I would also be in trouble without Photoshop!

6. Do you have an advice or inspiration that can help a your designer/developer in the business?

In my experience “sticking with it” is an essential; most of us at the start have little success and make little money but that eventually changes after you put some hard work/time into it. Just keep working, keep building, and keep learning eventually you will start to see progress, whatever you do don’t give up!

Join us in congratulating the Authentic and we’re all looking forward to seeing more themes from you guys!

— The MOJO Crew

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