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Blog | A Look at the Web Apps used at MOJO Themes

A Look at the Web Apps used at MOJO Themes

Posted By J.R. Farr


Since attending WordCamp SF last week, I’ve been full of inspiration and I’m really focused on making blogging on MOJO a top priority. So if you’re seeing these new types of blog posts and topics and wondering why, now you know. :D

Anyway, today I was thinking about what makes MOJO Themes a successful startup and how we manage to juggle our daily tasks. I thought it would be great to share sort of a “behind the scenes” look at what apps or services we use to get things done.

These Apps put the MOJO in MOJO Themes.

WordPress WordPress – Most people are surprised to hear that this marketplace runs right on top of WordPress. We feel like it’s been the easiest to manage users, content, items, etc. Of course, there have been a few things we’ve had to custom build but we’re VERY proud to say WordPress is our platform of choice.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics – I think a lot of people take advantage of Google Analytics. Most think because it’s free and the setup is pretty painless they really just look at a few metrics and that’s it. At MOJO we dissect almost everything you can imagine to increase the marketplaces usability and conversion.

Google Website Optimizer – Easily one of the most powerful apps we use on a regular basis. The lifts we’ve seen have been nothing short of shocking and we’re not just testing button colors here. We really do our homework before we roll out a test.

Typekit Typekit – About 95% of the site uses Proxima Nova, the delicously tasty font, Brian Hoff used when he re-designed the site for us. In the words of Typekit crew — Add a line of code to your pages and choose from hundreds of web fonts. Simple, bulletproof, standards compliant, accessible, and totally legal.

MailChimpMailChimp – The best email marketing platform online. Let me say it again, the best email marketing platform online. No one else competes with them. We’ve been using it since we started and they truly are on the cutting edge within the email marketing game.

Try it out and use this service in complete confidence.

TenderAppTenderApp for Support – We originally started with ZenDesk and managing support felt like more work then it needed to be. TenderApps is easy to use and the minimal, sexy design makes it enjoyable to use. Also, the reporting it has on your support team is invaluable. You can view reports of how your team is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We’ll be using this for a very long time.

Lighthouse AppLightHouse for Issue Tracking – With MOJO Themes being a marketplace, there’s a lot of moving parts inside the site. There’s buyers, there’s sellers, item pages, download sections, earnings, checkout processes, the list goes on.

We need to have something to stay on top of various bugs and issues in the site. Additionally, we also have a “New Features” area to put down ideas so we don’t forget all of our cool ideas for the site!

BasecampBaseCamp – We use Basecamp to collaborate on projects with the team. It’s nice to utilize this when we need to launch a new promotion or new feature of the marketplace. We can set milestones, upload files, etc. but to be frank, I’d like to see more from this App. Don’t get me wrong, it get’s the job done but it’s lacking quite a few things. Still worth looking into.

BackPackBackPack – Organize your Business – As MOJO Themes grows, the Mojoness network is starting to grow along side it. This means more things need to be split up between the team. This has been an extremely useful app to get the entire team organized on every piece of the business. I particularly like the “Journal” feature where members of the team can update their “work status”. Be sure to check this one out.

TextMateTextMate – Sure there’s Coda, Espresso and others but for the entire team at MOJO, TextMate is used by everyone.

It’s clean and crisp. It gives you a solid canvas for coding without all the fancy bells & whistles that just cause distractions. What more could you ask for?

TransmitTransmit FTP Client – Transfering files via FTP, SFTP, etc. is a breeze with Transmit. It’s solid FTP client with awesome features and it works perfect while you edit files via TextMate and save directly to server.

Sequel Pro LogoSequel Pro – MySQL Database Management is a cinch using Sequel Pro. Again, another favorite among the team as you know the site is powered by WordPress which is a highly database driven platform.

BeanStalk Version ControlBeanStalk App – An awesome app for version control that allows web designers and developers to store source code, track changes, and collaborate with their team. Never worry about overwriting code or managing backups again: it happens automatically.

CloudApp Cloud App – A big favorite among the MOJO crew as we’re always wanting to share something we’re working on or give an example of something in the middle Google hangout…err… I mean meeting.

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