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Blog | New Featured Seller: MageTitan

New Featured Seller: MageTitan

Posted By J.R. Farr



Today we’re excited to highlight our new featured seller on MOJO Themes. He goes by the name of MageTitan and has been the driving force behind a new category, Magento Extensions.

Below is a quick interview of this months featured seller: MageTitan. Check out their portfolio → MageTitan Extensions.

1. The basics, tell us about yourself.

My name is Michael Potter. I have been seriously programming for around 15 years now, but playing with code for most of my life. My first real program was written when I was 10 years old, so I’m truly a geek at heart. I’m fluent in PHP, Ruby, and have used many more while consulting. When off the job, I’m a dad of two boys, and also officiate Lacrosse and Soccer.

2. Did you teach yourself everything? If not, were there mentors or schools involved?

I started as self-taught in many different languages, but have some formal training, as I graduated from Utah State University.

3. What programs do you use for everyday programming?

Currently, when programming, my development environment consists of a Mac with Text Mate on one screen, and Chrome and Firefox on another. On occasion, I’ll bring up Windoze on a virtual environment when needed to browser test.

4. Why do you love working with Magento and what would you recommend to the average developer looking to get into developing with Magento?

Magento has been the best PHP Framework I’ve used. They have done an outstanding job in creating an extendable environment. Having used Zend in the past, it was easy to understand. Unfortunately, it takes a good deal of time to fully understand the framework, and it is not well documented, so get ready to look through a lot of core code when first learning to extend the system.

5. Tell us about some killer Magento items you have coming soon to MOJO.

Coming soon to MojoThemes Magento Extensions from MageTitan: Product Based Shipping Rates, Order Followup, Delete CC Info, Address Validation, and MORE!

Thanks for the time MageTitan team, we’re looking forward to more extensions from you! Welcome to MOJO!

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