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Blog | Looking to Join Forces? Check out Joint Forces latest…

Looking to Join Forces? Check out Joint Forces latest…

Posted By Brady Nord

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Now that we are coming up on almost two years of having a killer Joint Forces program, I felt it would be helpful to start highlighting some of the great designers and developers looking to Join Forces on Mojo-Themes. With that said, these people listed are only a small sampling of our most recent Joint Forces listings, and it is definitely worth reviewing the forum to see all top designers and developers looking to Join Forces.

Developers looking for designers to Join Forces:


I’ve been working with the web since 2001. I can work with most things including WordPress and Javascript.
I’m looking to work with a designer going forward.

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craigleo -

If you are a developer / programer interested in ‘joining forces’ to create website templates from PSD’s I would like to hear form you.

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SeedProd -

My name is John Turner and I’m from Charleston, SC US . I have been a developer for over 10 years. I consider myself to be extremely knowledgable in WordPress, PHP , JavaScript, jQuery,CSS etc… I was offered a job at WooThemes as a developer, but had to turn it down due the fact that my wife was having a baby and I needed my insurance with the University I work for. I’m currently starting up a plugin/theme company in spare time to make some extra cash (I still work a day job) and exploring working with a front-end designer. I currently have a couple of products for sale outside of mojo-themes, but I’m about to add some to mojo-themes.

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Designers looking for developers to Join Forces:

baranmod -

So, I need a WP developer who could be able to code this HTML/CSS/JS/PHP template for wordpress…

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robbydesigns -

I’m looking for someone to work with; first of all we’ll code my Mojo templates (2 more have been uploaded for review recently) and go 1/2′s on the profits. Secondly I have projects for clients that need an experienced WordPress dev; experience of an Ecommerce CMS would be good to.

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