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Blog | MOJO Sellers get instant access to Press Trends!

MOJO Sellers get instant access to Press Trends!

Posted By J.R. Farr


Hey there guys & gals!

Press TrendsWe’ve been working with the guys over at Press Trends for the past little while to integrate their trends and analytics platform into MOJO for all of our sellers. Essentially, every seller on MOJO will be able to use this service (will also include premium version) when they upload a WordPress theme with MOJO. The best part is, it will always be free for you to use when you upload with MOJO. Pretty cool right!?

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what Press Trends is and why we wanted to offer this service to you as a seller. Let me explain a little about why their service will help you as a theme designer / developer.

What is Press Trends?

In short, you can utilize Press Trends’ platform to keep track of how people are using your theme(s). You can track how many people start using their theme, what version(s) they are using, even track how many posts or comments your themes produce on average among your buyers. You’ll get a 30 ft. view of how your themes are performing with your buyers and use that data to make smarter decisions when you update your theme or create a new one.

Why & how did we integrate Press Trends into MOJO?

WHY: For starters, I’m obsessed with analytics and we thought, how nice would it be for sellers to be able to use real stats to make decisions on why they should include this or that into their themes.  Our thinking was to have theme sellers utilize this so you can start using these statistics to make your future themes THAT MUCH better.

HOW: With that being said, we’ve integrated this service using their API so as you’re uploading your WordPress theme to MOJO, you can setup an account right inside our upload process, add the tracking codes to your theme and be on your way! Here’s a quick screenshot of what it looks like inside the upload process…

Press Trends + MOJO Themes

Available now to all MOJO Themes Sellers

Right now, our marketplace is currently the only making this available to their sellers and more importantly we’re letting you integrate with Press Trends during the upload process so it’s super easy!  On top of that, we’re still working with Press Trends to bring core metrics right into Mojo Themes to allow theme sellers to view stats and more within their Mojo Themes account. We hope to have this launched in the coming weeks.

We hope you’re excited about this addition and we hope to see this start benefiting our sellers right away! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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