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Blog | Update on the Site Updates…

Update on the Site Updates…

Posted By J.R. Farr


Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment to give you all an update on the big site updates we made recently. Some of you might have not even notice, but the updates we’re pretty significant. I want to make sure everyone understands that although the front-end still looks pretty similar, behind the scenes and the functionality that powers the marketplace is now running on v3.0 of our application.

Before we get into that, I did want to say thanks to everyone that is part of MOJO. It’s amazing how fast we’re growing. Yet again, last month was our biggest month ever. Best sales month, highest revenue yet, most visits, most uploads, most users, etc. Even during slow summer months, MOJO Themes continues to grow leaps and bounds month over month. It’s pretty awesome actually. With that being said, that is also the root behind why we had to push these new site updates to the marketplace.

Over the past 3-4 months the team has been working on some MAJOR improvements and enhancements to the marketplace. While some of the updates were to add features users have been requesting, a majority of the updates were made to keep up with the growth of the marketplace as well as launch our next marketplace. On Sunday (September 3rd), we finally pushed all of these changes live and for the most part we’re already seeing huge improvements with how the site is running and some of the issues we were facing.

High level breakdown of some of the updates made:

  • Front-end optimization. Most elements on the site such as the buttons, icons, etc. are using CSS3 only. Bye bye huge sprite.
  • Cut down our HTML and CSS load time.
  • Major Caching Improvements - Every portion of our application now caches everything from the front-end to the back-end.
  • New Server Stack Setup which also now allows for multi regions to better serve our site faster for our international visitors.
  • Database Optimization – Modified how our app runs queries.
  • New HyperDB setup to increase speed even more.
  • New Account Center – New design and new features we’re released to prepare for the launch of
  • Centralized Account Centers - You might not notice but the new account center will now work across all marketplaces allowing you to track history of purchases, downloads, earnings, upload, etc. across each marketplace.
  • And a ton more technical goodness!

So there you have it. I tried not to get too technical with the list above but overall the marketplace saw a huge overall. We’re pretty excited about how much this update has helped the sites speed issues, plus conversion rate is already up and overall it seems to already be running smoother overall.

QUICK NOTE ON BUGS: We are aware that since launching the site updates, it has also brought up a few bugs across the site. There are a ton of moving parts on the marketplace and we appreciate all of you bringing those issues to our attention. Please know that our team is working non-stop to get these issues resolved. Please take it easy on us and stay patient and we promise these issues will be addressed right away.

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