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Blog | Sellers: Add Support Staff to your Items!

Sellers: Add Support Staff to your Items!

Posted By J.R. Farr

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A big reason behind the success of the top sellers on the MOJO marketplace relates directly back to their quality support they provide for the items. As a potential buyer looking to purchase one of your items, they feel much more comfortable hitting the “Buy Now” button when they see a quality theme being backed by quality support.

Now you can Offer more Support for your Items!

Support Staff ControlToday we’re happy to announce a nice NEW feature for sellers that are looking to take their support to the next level or keep up with all their support requests. We have just released the ability to add additional users to your individual items as part of your extended support staff.

We noticed sellers that are becoming more popular on the marketplace, have multiple items throughout the marketplace and there isn’t just one person behind all of the themes. It’s an actual team working day and night to produce themes awesome items. We figured, everyone that has an account on MOJO should be able to step in and help with support just like they do already with the products.

How does it all work?

It’s pretty simple actually. You’ll notice a new section within your account center under all the “seller” controls. There’s a new tab called “Support>Support Staff”. If you have items within the marketplace already, you’ll be able to search for a user within the marketplace and select which items you would like to add them to as part of your new support staff.

Support Staff Users

See your Support Staff helping Customers!

Once you’ve setup your team, you’ve assigned their permissions for the items you want them to support, you can see them support all of your customers right away!

Support Staff Live!

Are you currently a “theme team” that will find this new feature helpful? If so, let us know what you think!

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