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What we’re working on. What we have planned.

Posted By J.R. Farr


As we prepare for our running start into this new year of 2013 we’re excited about what MOJO has become today. Things like surpassing 50,000+ users, tipping over 100,000+ items downloaded, launching V3 of our marketplace, etc. These are fun things to look back on for our team.

In an effort to keep all of users updated on what we’re doing we thought it was a perfect time to share with you what we have been busy doing and what we have planned. Within the first week of this new year we’ve already started working on some exciting new things for the marketplaces and our community. We’ve also planned out some new features based on the feedback we’ve received from our users. Here’s a breakdown of everything…

Bugs. Squashing Bugs.

Over the past few months we’ve had a number of issues on the site that needed our full attention. The biggest thing we did recently was roll out a multi region server system with our Amazon servers. In other words, we always ran our main servers through one location. In an effort to optimize our traffic from all parts of the world, we thought it would be best to launch new servers in different locations to better serve up our site to those visitors. Now our site is being cached and served by several different servers.

This all great. Page loads times are faster. Server response times are faster.

However, after launching, we started to ran into issues with caching delays in each of the servers. While our caching system and new servers were doing their job, the front end of the site was delayed in how it was handling orders for our buyers and sales stats for our sellers. Delays we’re typically 5-10 minutes, some even several hours. We hated that it was happening because we know it’s annoying when you’re buying something and you have to wait any sort of time. On top of that, sellers I know it was a bit of shock to get emails about new sales yet your balance wasn’t updating.

The good news is, a majority of the bugs and the caching issues we ran into since launching V3 of the marketplace are all resolved.

New Features Added.

Ok so as part of team was fixing issues we also we’re trying to roll out new features and updates to the site for you guys. A few of those were actually pretty cool and if you missed some of them here’s a recap.

Sellers Add Support Staff to your Items! - Yeah this one was a big one that we were pretty excited to show our sellers. Essentially, sellers can add marketplace users to their support staff and can help with item support! I haven’t look at the stats on this but seems like some “theme teams” have already started to use this new feature. Read more about it here.

We launched our new bbPress forums! - Since launching the site we’ve always used Simple:Press which was quite a bit of work to skin and just had too many issues, security gaps, etc. The new bbPress forums have been live for about a week and we already see more activity in the forums which is awesome! Read more about it here.

New Item Support System Released! - A majority of our sellers support their items on the item page and they’ve pretty much been the same since we launched. Not anymore! The new and improved support section on the item pages now includes real time search capabilities, the ability to add topic titles and more! Read more about it here.

Quick Roadmap with some of our Future Plans.

Now for some cool new things to come to the marketplaces (Themes & Code). There’s no time frame or date set for these features to go live yet but I can tell you we have them on our radar and we are working to get these built out.

Item Licensing - This is a big one for me personally. I feel like giving the ability for sellers to have their items offer multiple license options (single, multi, unlimited, etc.) would be a huge benefit. Currently most of the design and layout is completed for this just working on the rest. ;)

Improved Seller & Affiliates Statistics - For quite some time now we have been laying the ground work for a big improvement within our statistics section. Giving more insight to specific items and how they are performing in specific time frames, more historical data, etc.

Revamped Profile Pages - Something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time is make the profile see a huge overhaul. Ultimately the goal for us is to have more useful information displayed if you’re a buyer on the marketplace. On the flip side, if you’re a seller your profile would actually become more of a storefront. More on this soon, stay tuned!

Seller Contests, Giveaways, Promotions – This year, we’re aiming to offer quite a bit more when it comes to this stuff. We’re excited about what we have planned and we are actually about to launch a brand new contest on MOJO Code tomorrow so be sure to get in on that!

Well there you have it. Hopefully that gives you a better idea on what we’ve been up to and we’re currently working on. If you have more ideas, suggestions on new features you’d like to see speak up and leave a comment! ;)

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