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MOJO Marketplace 101

Posted By Lindsay


Recently we announced the new MOJO Marketplace which is going to be launching very soon. As excited as we are, and we hope you are, I bet you are wondering “What does this mean for MOJO Themes?” Let us give you a little MOJO 101 course to let you know what the MOJO Marketplace means for you, and

User Accounts

Originally we had hopped to be able to merge accounts, but it became too difficult to sync user balances, stats, withdrawals, etc. in real time. Additionally, the MOJO Marketplace will be fully integrated with control panels and the security of our buyers and sellers is our top priority. Breaking up the user accounts is necessary to keep everything secure and accounted for. This means that to buy and sell items on each of the marketplaces you will need to have separate accounts; 1 and account and 1 account.

Item Placement

If you currently have an item on or they are also eligible to be listed on You will need to create your new account on MOJO Marketplace and upload your item(s) there. After we launch the new MOJO Marketplace we will be working towards different solutions for syncing items between the marketplaces. Again, for now, you need to upload and manage your items separately.

Item Support

Whichever marketplace an item appears, it needs to come with seller support. So if your item is on and you will need to make sure you are consistent and staying up to date on support at both item pages.

Seller Payouts

Because you will have a separate user accounts on each marketplace, sellers will need to request monthly payouts separately. Again, because of security reasons we did not want to risk withdrawals being falsely requested or even having your balances not “sync up” properly. Therefore, earnings and withdrawals will be separated. You will request withdrawals at the end of every month and money will be sent the following month on the 15th.

We hope this clears up some very good questions that our community has had about the new MOJO Marketplace. Again, because of the full integration into some of the largest web hosting companies and the new one-click installer it wasn’t as simple when we launched MOJO Code and MOJO Themes where we could offer the same account login. After we launch we will work towards better ways for account management if we feel necessary.

If there are still some questions that got left unanswered, as always, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll make sure to get it making sense for you.

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