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25 Awesome Free Fonts for Designers

Posted By CreativelyShane


Typography is one of the most important aspects of a design. It’s what brings the whole design together. But the problem is scouring the web for fonts takes a long time which is why I put together this list of my favorite 25 free fonts as a designer. Enjoy! 1. Coolvetica 2. Lato 3. Androgyne ... Read More

Building a website on the Joomla! CMS

Posted By Sanaa Themes

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This tutorial is a part of the Joomla! series articles/tutorials created exclusively for the Mojo Themes marketplace blog. If you didn’t read the first part of this series you can do it here: 1. What is Joomla! and what it can do for me? In this article I will answer to the following questions: How ... Read More

MOJO Re-Design Teaser

Posted By JR Farr


The past few days have been non-stop with the MOJO team strategizing, developing, designing and everything else in between. All in an effort to make MOJO the best it can be for you, the users. The biggest chunk of our time lately has been all about the upcoming redesign of the marketplace. The only thing ... Read More

What is Joomla! and what it can do for me?

Posted By Sanaa Themes


Introduction Ok. Good question. This article intention  is to respond to this question, believe it or not, a question that many people still ask me today. As you will see during the article, I will make use of long descriptions of the softwares and technologies names and in parentheses I will write the abbreviation. My ... Read More

Three Simple CSS3 Techniques You Should Know

Posted By CreativelyShane


Before we dive straight into what you can accomplish with CSS3, let’s talk about what CSS3 is and what it isn’t. Since CSS3 is still not officially released (and probably won’t be for a while still), different browsers don’t always support all of CSS3. Therefore, what can we conclude? Well, when using CSS3, you cannot ... Read More

MOJO Monthly Awards – January ’11

Posted By JR Farr


Ok so here we are again, onto the first monthly awards of the new year! It’s getting harder each month to choose so thanks to everyone who nominated someone for each category. Here’s how this month turned out. Here are the 4 categories for this months MOJO Monthly Awards: Best Supporting Seller (This sellers support ... Read More

Nicheification: Niche Theme Contest

Posted By JR Farr


Here we go! We’ve put together a quick, fun contest for all of our MOJO sellers. The point of the contest is to encourage theme submissions centered around a niche. Obviously. For each niche theme uploaded and accepted, you’ll get $100 bones right in your pocket. Simple as that. Why the niche thing? There’s plenty ... Read More

Featured Seller: Peerapong

Posted By JR Farr


I’m excited to announce our new featured seller on MOJO! Welcome Peerapong. He joined MOJO Themes back in September 2010 and has released some of the marketplaces most popular themes. If you take a look at our weekly popular items and sellers you’ll notice Peerapong and his items are somewhere near the top with his Restaurant WordPress ... Read More


Posted By JR Farr


We thought as we enter into a new year, it would be a great time to give a little insight on how MOJO’s grown up over the past year and what our goals are for the future. As we ended 2010, the team reflected on how we much we really did grow, how aggressive we ... Read More

Adding Twitter to your Website

Posted By 820Media


Checkout the latest From the Factory tutorial! This tutorial will guide you through all the ways of adding twitter to your website, we will also discuss their API, styling the widget, platform plugins and loads more! Introduction If you own Twitter and a website its now a must have to have twitter on your website ... Read More

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