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Making Your WordPress Blog iPad-Ready

Posted By Darren


The iPad’s Safari browser does a great job of making any blog look fantastic on the device. So, really, what does one do to make a blog iPad-ready? Not much. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. ... Read More


Posted By Brady Nord


We are glad to finally announce that we have RSS feeds for all of our categories on MOJO-Themes. We received a large number of requests for this functionality and so we only felt it necessary to provide this. We think this will help with affiliates and staying up to date on the marketplace. We created ... Read More

Round Up: E-Commerce themes on MOJO

Posted By Brady Nord


We decided to do a round up of the best E-Commerce themes and templates that we have on MOJO Themes. Naturally, most people would assume to just checkout our Magento category. The following list is sure to bring some new surprises to what’s possible with E-Commerce platforms and design. Magento E-Commerce Themes: 1. Bookstore CD/DVD ... Read More

FREE Themes here at MOJO

Posted By JR Farr


It’s been long time coming but we’ve finally added something new for all the MOJO users. Along with a fresh new homepage layout, we’ve introduced a new section on MOJO where we’ll be releasing FREE themes! Everyone love’s free stuff right? We thought so. Get a FREE WordPress Theme To start things off in the ... Read More

MOJO Monthly Awards – November ’10

Posted By JR Farr


We’re excited to announce our 2nd month of the new MOJO monthly awards. Last month was our first run at introducing this idea and the feedback we received was great so we’d like to make sure we keep it going. For the month of November we’ll still have 4 categories/winners again only the Affiliate Matchmaker ... Read More

MOJO Cyber Bundle

Posted By JR Farr


Alright it’s official… The MOJO Cyber Bundle is live! We invite you to head on over the official Cyber Bundle page to checkout all 18 of the items included in the bundle. It’s full of goodies! $579 Worth of Items for ONLY $30! Yep. It’s a steal. This bundle includes some of the most amazing ... Read More

MOJO Cyber Bundle Coming Soon!

Posted By JR Farr


More exciting things are on the rise here at MOJO Themes and you can expect some awesome news this week. For starters, we’re excited to announce our 1st annual MOJO Cyber bundle. This bundle will include some of our most popular items within the marketplace. You can get your hands on $579 worth of items ... Read More

How to create WordPress shortcodes

Posted By Brady Nord


After speaking with a good friend and awesome affiliate of MOJO Themes it was mentioned to me that many users would really appreciate some snippets of code that they could use in their theme designs or in other words “shortcodes”.  I instantly became excited with the idea and decided to offer my knowledge and know-how ... Read More

MOJO Monthly Awards – October ’10

Posted By JR Farr


Every so often, we like to introduce something that we hope shows our users how much we care. This one goes out to all the MOJO Sellers & Affiliates. Sure this might come as a little surprise but we’re sure you won’t complain Also, we’d like to keep this tradition every month. For starters and ... Read More

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