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Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility Appreciation

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    Alex Smith

    The new Adidas Messi16 + PureAgility Adidas top series ultra perfect PURE important part. It is based on a series of ambitious and innovative technology and design, and in the design of none other than Messi himself. This feet shoes each element perfectly with Macy’s style of football boots uk, the stadium is designed to help Mei boss showing his powerful aspect of football talent.

    This is not the first innovation are embarrassed to call themselves super tube top sneakers, so PureAgility have an anti-traditional look, appearance and almost no laces Adidas iconic Techfit collar to make it look a bit like “bound feet”, but one thousand Wan do not look down upon it, after all this is Macy Queen boots.

    It can be said to be a pair of “very Macy ‘soccer shoes, in addition to the three bar shoes outside, no other prominent Adidas Logo

    Shoes material used is a new Adidas messi 16.3 boots, in order to meet the entire pair of shoes naming theme, it is called Agilityknit.

    The material can say a little subversive, because it can not only make you feel strong support, and its weight is further compressed to a minimum. Coupled with the outermost membrane covering the hot melt material, so that it can have a powerful all-weather performance. Bring the benefits of ultra-thin fabric is greatly shortened the shoes and feet of run-time.

    As you can see, these shoes use Purecut Sock System hidden lace system, but it does not mean that no laces, which was originally designed to eliminate the obvious influence of shoelaces in the course of play, but also the band to flatter the face surface.

    But this system to cover the entire shoe laces and shoe cover material is not integrated, although they belong to the same kinds of materials. It can be seen in the upper an obvious V-shaped suture material.

    Techfit collar and innovative materials are AgilityKnit shoes Aspect.

    Techfit within the heel where the heel has been extending upwards, with an external heel guard, to ensure the stability of feet in motion.

    Upturned collar and a curvature and quite handy, ready to adjust the angle of heel shoes to fit the heel.

    Outsole of the shoe outsole is through SprintFrame redesigned for it in the field of stability and grip we have no doubt. Forefoot spikes up to about 1.3cm, heel spikes up to about 1.5cm. It is worth mentioning that the outsole forefoot and heel two conical studs is based Macy’s personal preferences tailored. Although Adidas remains to this type of outsole named FG / AG, but we suggest that you use on the grass above the average person.

    In order to maximize the activation of Macy highly lethal fast start to change and flexible forefoot relatively sharp spike soccer shoes, can effectively make every startup can be quickly fed back to the foot. In order to match the overall color value shoes, the end of the use of force PureAgility grid full chrome design, visual effect is very good, but the drawbacks is that this material will fall off occur in actual combat. Adidas made early on for this disclaimer, as detailed outsole paste elliptical affirmed.

    Followed by four studs or a combination of tradition, coupled with the central X-shaped reinforcement beam stability of high-speed movement or trustworthy.

    Insole covered with holes using a light breeze insoles, front covered with a thin layer of fabric printed with the second half of the personal and exclusive Macy’s Logo and PureAgility.

    Because it is lightweight insole, so there is no backside damping measures adopted.

    Clever change of direction and speed maneuvering to get rid of defensive player is Messi entangled champions, therefore PureAgility in weight or have pursued. Ban palm bottom design makes PureAgility single weight of 196 g (JP265).

    Adidas Sisi own generous love for Macy’s, they put the top science and technology are used in this double PureAgility. AgilityKnit material in touch making a big effort in order to give the players providing a level of pure ball-contacting region, Purecut Sock System design is very bold advance, in order to activate Macy most lethal turn redirecting outsole techniques, new design also Aspect full.

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