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and it remains noticeable when running in the shoes

Forums General and it remains noticeable when running in the shoes

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    Thanks for your review Pete. When I saw them in the store, I fired up your blog, and quickly read through your review. At -60% the purchase was a no-brainer from then on. Only issue was the size. I have 27cm feet (42.5), and wear 43-43.5 in street shoes, and 43-45 with running shoes.The Flyknits are really long, and it took me 2hrs. to decide between 44.5 and 45. Went with the US10.5 (44.5) in the end, as I am planning on running them sockless from time to time, and want to swap the insole to something thinner after I adapted to the ride. Been wearing them casually and I’m glad I went with the 10.5 instead of the 11.

    The firs t thing I noticed about the sole of this shoe was that the forefoot felt surprisingly cushy. Despite having the thinnest sole of the three running shoes in the Free line, I feel like the 3.0 has the best forefoot cushioning of the group, and it remains noticeable when running in the shoes. In contrast, the heel has a firmer feel, and this makes for a unique ride – it’s more common for the reverse to be the case. Combined with the extreme flexibility of the siped sole, the unique feel of the cushioning has made for enjoyable ride runs up to 9 miles so far. I actually think I prefer the 3.0 for longer runs over it’s more structured sibling the 5.0 – the 3.0 is one of those shoes that just disappears on my feet.

    If you want a minimally structured shoe that feels like an extension of your foot but retains solid cushioning, the Free 3.0 would be one of my top recommendations Nike Air Max Trainers Cheap . If you are new to this type of shoe, I would recommend a slow transition due to the extreme flexibility and minimal structure of the upper.The 3.0 is also a great choice as part of a shoe rotation if you want something to force you foot to do a bit more work on occasional workouts. My only real concern with this shoe is the price tag – $140 is pretty steep, and the slightly cheaper 4.0 offers a similar ride and a more traditional Flyknit upper. If you can affor Nike Air Max Trainers Sale d it though, the Free 3.0 Flyknit is worth a try!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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