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Artwork Theme: not compatible with WordPress 3.3.1?

Forums General Artwork Theme: not compatible with WordPress 3.3.1?

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    Some monts ago I buyed from Mojo themes the theme Artwork. This theme has been deleted from you list an doesn´t seem to have support at all.


    After updating to Wordpress 3.3.1 this theme has lots of bugs…


    ¿What can I do?







    Don't remember the theme, but if the author is still on Mojo you might want to send them an email (via their profile page) and ask if they'll help you out with the bugs? If not, you could hire a freelancer to help you take care of the errors. Sometimes all it takes is a few lines of codes and it shouldn't cost you much. Of course, this will depend on how severe the bugs are.

    That's all the advice I can offer you about that. Hope it helps.


    Sweet Themes

    MOJO may (should?) be able to offer some help, but it would seem if the item is gone and seller not responsiding you may have to pay more than the theme itself cost to get it fixed.


    Or perhaps try another theme.


    Not much help I'm afraid. Hope you get a good outcome one way or another though.




    I´m actually thinking about a radical solution: downgrade WordPress.  :(


    Thanks for your advices!




    Sweet Themes

    I wouldn't advise that, as often WordPress includes security fixes, and even if not now, if you need to upgrade in the future for critical issues, then you'll be back to square one.



    Yes, downgrading is not the solution. It's free to post on most job boards, you can even try here on Mojo, the money you'll spend will be worth it.

    The slightly cheaper option of course would be to purchase a new similar looking theme.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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