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Extended Licenses?

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    Has Mojo ever considered adding an extended license option here? I don't think it would work in the rein of how other marketplaces do it, but probably an optional license for say x5, x10 installations? Where they could use it on no more than 5/10 sites/client sites.

    Any thoughts from other authors?



    I've always wondered how this is policed on any marketplace. How do we ever know if somebody uses it on a single site like it is supposed to be used, or if they use it on 50 sites. But I mean, an extended license seems like a fine idea to me, at least honest people may take advantage of it. I don't see the harm in having it as an option.



    Sounds cool! Especially the very customizable themes would benefit ^^



    This is actually a really good topic to discuss. I've raised this question before even have contacted the support, hope there will be an answer soon. Such mechanism would really be helpful as I've got a lot of e-mails from the buyers asking if they can use the same theme for several websites. In such cases I explain them that for every installation they should buy a new copy and advice to contact support if they need more information. There also have been some cases when I have noticed the buyer using the same theme for 2 or more websites, this is when things become really problematic. I can't ask them directly if they have purchased a license for each of the website as it's not very ethical, on the other hand if they haven't, I lose the profit and Mojo loses either taking into consideration it's a 50/50 share. Anyway, I believe some word from the staff on this topic would be great!


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Hey Guys,

    Definitely a good topic and something we want to implement into the site. I think the biggest thing is just deciding on the right price or formula for pricing. We've talked about a multiple of the price in the past. Something like 5x's or 10x's the item price might make the most sense. If it's too high no one will buy it, yet most likely still use the theme but if it's a fair price that could work.

    The team will be sitting down together today to talk about new features or current features we can improve on. We'll be sure to add this to our list of topics and give you an update.

    Any other ideas would be helpful if you have them. Especially on the pricing.

    Thanks guys!




    I think the main idea about the extended license is that some projects/companies want to use the themes/templates for reselling. So as one example a company wanted to use an admin panel template for their software so they had to buy an extended license. Or a hosting company wants to ship a free wordpress installation + theme.. this are situations where a extended license with a price of 1000 $ makes sense. As for people who just use 2-5 installations they won't pay those prices so there should be a nice bundle option with a nice discount.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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