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    I've been a designer/photographer for 7 years now. I'm self taught, and talented (not trying to be cocky). I know design well, but don't understand/enjoy/want to pursue, html and coding. If we can imagine it, I can make it. I'm very skilled at Photoshop and illustrator, and I keep my files organized in a way that makes it easy for people to slice. I've done a few sites in collaboration with the 'coding ninjas' and it's worked out great. 

    I'm sick of making changes that look stupid and don't make sense for a flow, because a client requested it. I want to try making some stuff that I (or we) like and that WORKS. I'm new to mojo themes and heard about it from one of the makers. Sounded pretty sweet so I signed up.

    If you're a semi-creative 'coding ninja' (love that term) and want to collaborate on a project send me a message. I'm also open to someone with an idea needing a designer, as long as your idea/vision is flexible.

    Just throwing that out there,




    Hi Steve,

    A link with your portfolio will be great :)


    I just finished it yesterday. Here it is:



    I'm in the same boat as you Steve, good luck finding a good coder. 

    Great post btw.


    Thanks Robby,

    Good luck to you as well!



    I sent you a message from your profile page

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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