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Is this your hobby or job?

Forums General Is this your hobby or job?

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    For me web design is somewhere between a hobby and a job; I devote my day times to design when there's work on but that's not every day so for now I still have my evening job of teaching martial about you all?  Is it your hobby or job??


    Key Master

    It started out as a hobby and turned into a career ( and life style ). It is still definitely a hobby tho.



    It started as a hobby, and is now a career, and like cointilt said, a lifestyle.

    Actually, my hobby started as making animations in Flash (back when it was still Macromedia).

    Then, it was only a matter of time that I learned Action-Script and started making Flash websites for family and friends. Today, my 2 best mates are Photoshop & Dreamweaver, and I have worked for clients in a whole lot of things from wordpress to ajax and php to UI-Designing for web and phone apps. Its pretty much a full-time gig now…



    @jasin, I see you do WordPress, so do you do that with DreamWeaver? I've never used DW cuz I heard long ago it was a bad habit to get into so I try to hand code but usually get frustrated and just release the PSD's. 



    Same here – started as a hobby and is now my second full-time job. 


    @robbydesigns I also use dreamweaver for developing all my projects – doesn't matter if its simple static html or a wordpress theme. I would say it fully depends on your environment and how you set it up. I don't use such features as Live Preview for example. I connect via integrated FTP on my various servers, explore the files, open them up and change what needs to be changed, saving them and switch to the browser where I refresh and see the changes in action. It's also pretty cool that CSS Files which are linked in one file also automatically get loaded as well as included PHP Files. 


    As long as I'm a Microsoft User I would not swap DW with any other program ;-)


    Sweet Themes

    It's a way of life and a job for me. Not MOJO, but web design and development, plus other online activities. Been doing it since the late 90's and still loving the ever changing landscape and variety of exciting opportunities.



    @robby DW is not perfect, but no other software come close to auto-completing commands. I can see how some may feel thats a bad habit, but in the long run it saves a lot of time especially when you are coding 10000 lines of code…

    Also, I remember the day I discovered the ‘Format Source Code’ icon hidden in the corner… My CSS are normally messy, and this one little magic button just made everything look pretty before I released it to the client! Phew! As for Live View, never used it, nor do I feel the need with WAMP server installed on my machine…


    EDIT: I just realized you might have been talking about the ‘Design’ view of DW when you said ‘hand-code’. I actually kinda forgot it even exists. I always ‘hand-code’ my sites, but I use DW’s code view for it.



    Second Job. Family first.


    Began my web design/development career in January of 2007.



    Interesting answers, thanks everyone. Thanks to @jasin and @infuse – I use CSE HTML Validator; tried 'Muse' yesterday but didn't really get it – it boasts turning layers into code but it didn't happen. 



    This is my full-time job and I'm loving it as what I do is never 'work' to me.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Full time gig for me! ;)



    Hi Everybody!


    Let me introduce myself, my name is Luis Zuno ( and i recently joined MOJO i am also a author at the competency from the woods, i believe mojo themes is a great place so i decided to try it out.


    Now i wanted to post my tale. I started back in 1999 when dinosaurs walked on the streets and Flash was the king of the web, i started as a webdesigner but due to my lack of coding skills i decided to study a computer science career and taught myself everything i could on the design side from books, friends and tutorials.


    I worked for about 7 years at a webdesign company (yes i am that old) where i learned a lot about webdesign, thats when i decided to start making flash stock just to see if they sold and they did! Well that was before Steve Jobs (RIP) decided to ban flash on mobile devices and then i moved to wordpress i had to learn a lot in few months, finally after lots of rejections i got into the “World of WordPress” (WOW). Now i work as a full time wordpress developer (I am done with flash) and i still learning a lot i consider myself more a developer than a designer but still i am not either one.


    I know its very difficult for a designer to code and viceversa, however i think Mojo themes has a great feature allowing co-op using joint forces. I can tell you this from my personal experience: “It's very hard to become a full time wordpress/html author and be successful, but if you achieve it its worth the time spent”, i had to be a full time day job employed and a half time author before i could jump to full time author.


    Don't give up if you can't code keep doing what you like and you'll succeed and one day you will find a partner to work with.


    Sorry for the long post.



    Ansimuz nice post but surely better in the 'Introductions' section? 

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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