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    Hi guys, it’s me again ;-)


    first I want to thank you for the working item edit feature. It was long awaited and now its there and I’m sure we’re all quite happy with it. However I need some room for critique now as it does for me still not working “perfect” – and I’m quite unsure if it is just me or if it is the concept of this feature.


    At the moment it is possible to submit changes to an item and go through the whole form which was already used by the submission. So far so good. 

    Now you can edit everything you want, attach new screenshots, rework the description, etc…

    However I have some problems with that process, since I tried several times to update one of my items and because I don’t have some kind of preview I find always another simple issue which makes me updating the item again and again.


    Btw: I’m really sorry – I don’t want to force my items always to be the first on the homepage – it just happens automatically after updating and since I always find another small issue my item places itself always on the front. Hope you don’t mind that much.


    Let me try to specify the issue:

    I tried to update Quasar – the form opens up as it should – prefilled with the current data. In the Description Textarea I filled once a HTML Description with the right elements and classes as you already advertised in one of your blog posts (Item Descriptions). Now this doesn't work for me anymore. It always looks a bit different than before – is this a issue from my side?


    Another thing I noticed is that the Screenshots aren’t there anymore. I had uploaded all screenshots previously (with the initial upload) but with my try to update my item the screenshots got lost, so I had to reupload them all again. Thats not a problem as it luckily worked pretty fine but I don’t know why one of these screenshots has found the way to be the proper preview image for the theme?


    May you have a look on my item and you’ll see what I mean.


    Anyone else have some problems with updating items?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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