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Karakter Responsive WordPress

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     Theme looks familiar with a popular WordPress item hosted elsewhere. It is cheaper here, but I don't want to purchase and come into copyright infringement afterwards. Could you advise.



    Hello, I think this question is about my theme KARAKTER.
    You don't need to worry about copyright infringement.
    1) This theme uses lots of open source projects.
    2) I have bought Isotope license
    3) I have bought Fancybox2 license
    4) Images used in theme have Common Creative license, also authors are all listed in documentation.
    5) You've design files backed with theme
    6) You've got best wordpress theme admin, with lot's of features.
    7) This theme is unique in code and in design, made best out of wordpress.
    8) Also comes with great support for me.
    Best, Janar Frei



    You have forgotton to mention that design and javascript are copyrighted. This theme is a copycat of the popular item hosted par Themeforest. I am afraid that there is copyright infringement. You have paid the license to use the script but you have no right to copy other's design nor codes.



    if you look all the wordpress themes that are in market, they all look similar. In Karakter design there isn't no copy, maybe layout positioning looks familiar, because there isn't much themes with this layout. All code is my written, and no copy paste or something. Best, Janar Frei



    Hi, it is not true that the wordpress themes in the market look similar. To say that is to discredit creative designers' work. But yours is of the same layout of elastico theme, the same design, the same structure. WordPress and php are open sources but are no excuse to do a blatant copy of other's work.



    Hi, can't argue with that, all themes aren't same yes. Best way is to buy Karakter and take a closer look inside, not just accuse. There is quite a difference between these themes. Best, Frey



    I noticed this too just now. When I saw your theme, my first thought was “This looks very similar like Elastico!”. So I went to ThemForest to check and I found out that all pages aren't just similar, they're almost identical. 


    Your homepageElastico's full screen slider

    Your portfolioElastico's portfolio

    Your blogElastico's blog


    I could go on. The contact page and gallery pages are not just similar but identical. The similarity is too great for this to be coincidence. It's not just the positioning of the elements that's similar – the colors, the whole idea of the theme is exactly the same. It's almost like you bought Elastico, modified it a little and submitted to Mojo. I'm not saying that's what you did but it's almost like that.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Hey guys, we haven't been notified by anyone but after seeing this forum post, the team had to step in and review the theme. From our initial findings we have no choice but to deactivate this item and notify the seller about this issue. This is something we don't take lightly and we appreciate the community we have to make sure we keep everyone in check.






    I already purchased Karakter and I am currently using it to build a website for a new company. Can anybody tell me what this will mean for me, now that the theme has been pulled?









    You can still use it, but there won't be any additional updates available. If you have any problems get in touch with the author directly.





    Thanks so much for the info. Any idea how I get in touch with the author? They've removed the theme and the support forum is no longer there. Thanks again!



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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