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    Ben Wolfe

    It really isn’t acceptable that Mojo Themes has NO mechanism, on your website or by e-mail for automatically informing customers of theme updates. Your site makes awareness of this essential information extraordinarily difficult, which reflects badly on you and your theme developers.

    Here’s an example of the current user experience. I am an owner of the Frisco theme, recently updated to version 3.0.

    • I was not informed by e-mail of the update.

    • My WordPress dashboard doesn’t notify me there’s an update, as it does for all other themes I own, from all other sources.

    • The demo page for the theme is six months old. Surely it should be updated to the current version of the theme as a matter of course?

    • The “My Downloads” area of my Mojo Themes dashboard gives no indication there’s been an update to the theme.

    • Hovering over the “Download Item” button for this theme in my Mojo Themes dashboard reveals a file name that doesn’t include a version number. So even going to this much trouble to check, because of your lack of any mechanism to notify me, does not tell me whether an update has been issued without actually downloading and unzipping the file.


    • On this version 3.0 theme’s support page, the Changelog ends at version 1.5. Really.

    • The support sidebar on your theme pages doesn’t give the current version number or its release date.

    • The FAQ page for the theme doesn’t tell me either, and it has an ugly display bug that leaves four lines of backslashes across my screen.

    How did I find out about the theme update? I only knew to look because I’d read the support questions for the theme before buying it, to decide whether I could trust it to be updated, and the developer mentioned a goal around now for a version 3.0 release. Most users will not have read this information.

    In this specific case, unlike most of your themes, the developer has also updated the theme page preview image with a small “3.0″ that is easy to miss, and is only meaningful if you remember the version number of the theme you already have. (He’s left an easy to overlook message in the Support chat for the theme. Many of your developers do neither of these things.)

    At the moment I have no idea whether updates exist for my other Mojo Themes, and no sense that you care if I or other customers ever find out. This is not a criticism of this specific developer, who seems to try harder than most in fact.

    Please do better in 2014. These are not obscure issues, and this is the level of quality and professionalism your company is currently showing to the world.


    Ben Wolfe

    Oh, terrific. Now I’m being SPAMMED by another user here. 10 copies of an e-mails of a crappy marketing message from user aconnaldust Holland, in the middle of the night. One for every theme I own, after buying your holiday 10-theme bundle?

    This place is NOT impressive. Potential customers: beware, even if offered what looks like a great price.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Thanks Ben! We hear you loud and clear and are working on making these types of improvements in 2014. I also sent you a message as I just wanted you to know we understand what you’re saying and we’re working hard to make MOJO that much better.


    Ben Wolfe

    I appreciate your response to these posts, and I wish you well in resolving them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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