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Reader Theme – How To Modify Font Size

Forums General Reader Theme – How To Modify Font Size

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    How can I modify the font sizes?

    style.css doesn’t appear to show these settings. 



    It should be in the style.css that you do it, but if it’s not, you can use the tinyMCE plugin for it. shows you how to use it. Let us know if that helps.



    Thanks, however I wish to alter them across the theme.


    The style.css is: 



    Theme Name:Reader

    Theme URI:

    Description:Lines WordPress Theme


    Author:Maxim Mamontov

    Author URI:

    Tags:white, black, light, minimalistic

    License:GNU General Public License version 3.0

    License URI:


    All files, unless otherwise stated, are released under the GNU General Public License

    version 3.0 (



    .wp-caption {}

    .wp-caption-text {}

    .sticky {}

    .gallery-caption {}

    .bypostauthor {}

    .alignright { text-align: right; }

    .alignleft { text-align: left; }

    .aligncenter { text-align: center; }


    I can’t find the code that controls universal font sizes/types in this theme.




    My guess is its in the css folder “css/style.css” you need to manually edit the stylesheet on your computer and reupload it on your server. contact the author and ask them nicely to do it for you.


    You can actually put anything you want in every applicable field and use it to be added on your detailed brand descriptions, in footer or even in header. You can manage all of those changes the way you wanted, just refer to this for future reference.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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