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Seller Commission Changes to Fraud and Chargebacks from PayPal

Forums General Seller Commission Changes to Fraud and Chargebacks from PayPal

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    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Hey Everyone!

    I wanted to let the MOJO sellers and affiliates know about an upcoming change. I'm not sure if any of you know this about us but since we started, we've always covered any chargebacks or refunds from MOJO customers. Seeing that we ONLY use PayPal for our transactions we've actually had to deal with a lot of fraud and chargebacks. To be honest there's no reason for us to pay commissions on something that was never really sold or was a fraudulent charge.

    The reason why we've always covered these charges is because sadly, we've never had our system built to handle chargebacks. Since launching the new site and revamping our account center it's something we knew we had to implement. Once this new policy comes into effect, when you have a chargeback, you'll see the record within your sellers section under your reports and your balance will reflect that.

    For most of you, you probably wont even notice much of difference. Most of our fraudulent charges come from affiliates abusing our system and PayPals, making unauthorized charges through PayPal.

    Also, I'd like to let you know that we're extremely strict on our refund policy. For example, if it's a new user having issues and feels they deserve a refund, that won't happen. If they bought an HTML file but wanted the WordPress version and want a refund, that wont happen. And so on and so on. I just want you to know that we're always looking out for our sellers and our refund policy will be even more strict than it's been in the past because of this change.

    I'm sure most of you understand why we have to do this. Also, if you have any questions or need more clarification please let us know.




    While I respect your right to have this policy in place, how does it work when a fraud case develops and the “buyer” makes a claim as not having authorized the transaction, or is just a case of someone trying to get something for free? I sell other products independently and some of the accusations to try and get a refund are out of this world.

    I mean they already have our theme/plugin so how do we, the authors, know that it's one of these cases and not one where the buyers is not happy with the product?

    It would help to have the status of the reversal stated on such cases as well.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Great point Weborithm and that’s sort of what I was trying to say about our current policy. I’ll talk with our dev team about that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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