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subpages in left navigation sidebar ?!

Forums General subpages in left navigation sidebar ?!

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    Hi all,

    hope you can help me out ?!

    I have second level pages; hence: pages under a parent under a parent.


    My question: When i visit page X (first parent level) i would like to display all third level pages only on left navigation sidebar !


    Any suggestions ? Would appreciate YOUR HELP !


    I tried: individual sidebar, own menu … nothing worked out !

    Thank you for your valuable help !



    p.s. SICIALITE Theme with latest WORDPRESS


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Hey there, 

    Sorry about the couple of issues you had here. Glad you worked out some of them though. For future support it's best to go to the actual item page and post your issues there. Also, you can email our support staff at anytime for any questions you might have. support[at]mojo-themes[dot]com





    once more my question as i didn`t get a real answer vie support yet. Just phrases :-(


    Maybe I should explain better ?!


    Left navigation sidebar: Am I right that one can just show the “first level content here?!”


    in css: 

    When I have a second level like
    -->Team (top level)
        --> science (first child)
        --> ethics
    --> a (second child)
    --> b
        --> religion
    When I visit the page "ethics"; on the left sidebar the content "science, ethics, religion" is shown, but not the descend child levels, which I expect to appear.
    I would love to see (when visiting "ethics"): a and b listed as content.
    THANK YOU for any advice how to do that....!!!


    Sad, no support so far !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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