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Suggestion for a new wordpress BLOG

Forums General Suggestion for a new wordpress BLOG

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    Hello all,

    We are a company that have an online store, and in parallel we run a wordpress blog.

    We are looking to change the style of our blog, and we want to buy a wordpress theme. Honestly I find this Mojo themes very good prices and the problems is not the 50$ that might cost, but my doubt is what to select.

    All the examples I see are for full wordpress website, while I am searching to use only the BLOG section, I am unable to figure out how would look like only with that part. We search for something simple and mainly white and I pre-selected some options:…..ess-theme/…..ess-theme/…..ess-theme/

    and the one I like more:…..stic/demo/


    I am not sure if I can leave my blog URL here to receive suggestions about what to select, I do not want to break any forum rule…


    Thanks for the advice,




    Matt Adams

    You can set any page to be used for the Front Page, see here: So if a theme includes a blog page template (all my themes do) then you can just use that.



    Thanks for answering.


    But to understand how it will look once I configure that on my site, I have to look only on the “BLOG” part of the demo?


    I mean, some of them have a nice banner rotation, for example, but I am not sure if I will able to display it or not..





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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