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Thinking about selling my theme

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    I'm thinking about selling my WP theme here instead of trying to get SEO to my website.

    I would like to know how many sells authors made here but there is no “x sold” description anywhere, did i miss something?



    At the moment it’s a good time to start releasing themes here. There is no function that is tracking the sales number but simply publish one of your themes here and give it a try.



    hey Rubin, do you know how much time does it takes to review the theme? are you pleased with mojo?



    Benj, Mojo-Themes is still growing (imo) but they are a good bunch and review pretty quickly. Looking around the forum I've seen people complaining it can take a week but I've been around since they started up and believe a week in review is pretty rare and they usually review it in a couple days. 

    As for sales, personally I've not made a fortune here but then again I am 'only' selling PSD's at the moment..the way I see it is if you're there at the start then you'll be more respected and known when it gets huge..not to mention you'll have a collection of themes ready to sell. I would suggest you add one of your themes, don't worry hugely about the sales right now; I truly believe the guys will make Mojo huge and there is a lot of love and respect in the forum (unlike another marketplace I could mention). 

    Take a punt mate.

    Look forward to seeing your works.




    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Benj said:

    hey Rubin, do you know how much time does it takes to review the theme? are you pleased with mojo?

    Hey Benj, I thought I would add my two cents to your question. We (The MOJO Team) work really hard to get uploads approved within 2-4 days of upload date. Of course there are times and exceptions but this is our average. As for our sales of WordPress themes, they are by far our most profitable category on the site. I would say on average, a quality theme will sell from 5-10 sells a day. There are some that do more and some that do less but in all sellers are making nice returns on payout day. ;)

    If you have any other questions about selling feel free to email us or shoot me a message to my profile. Thanks again and hope to see you around the community more. 



    Thanks for the reply guys, I can feel the entrepreneurial spirit that is going on here and i like it, so much so that i've uploaded my first theme. Thank you both!



    Nice one, look forward to seeing it. Good luck with the sales, see you around here. 


    5-10 sells a day? I want that!… :) I just uploaded my first WordPress theme, so I'll see, how it goes. If that's the case, or at least near this number, I'll be very satisfied! :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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