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    Hello everyone,


    This is my first time using Mojo themes. I have an Aroi theme specific question but i notice the seller hasn't supported the community forum under this theme since October 22nd. How does the community remedy that? Does the Mojo themes community try to do all it can to provide support to the unsupported?


    Fortunately, one of the issues I was having with the theme has been resolved by a previous community member having the same issue. 


    However, my other question should be more broad and general for all themes. My question is: How do I segment the theme so that I can change the css and instead of having one block color, have 3 separate colors one for the header, one for the main content wrapper, and another for the lower area. I've seen it done with this theme by someone asking for support, so I know it works. The question is WHERE in the css do I change it? Also, the theme has custom style and if someone will tell me how to segment the header wrapper, the main content wrapper, and the lower wrapper, i'd be golden.


    Thanks a billion.


    Sweet Themes

    Sadly not everyone supports their themes as well as you or I might hope, but there can be valid reasons and the MOJO team (and us other sellers) will try and help out.

    This is very theme specific though. Perhaps you could try and contact the other buyer you've seen raise this same query?



    Hi Sweet Themes, 


    Thank you so much for responding. It is always unfortunate when a seller abandons their themes. I tracked him down on twitter and asked him to come back and provide support but it seems he's moved on to another place. D'ahwell.


    The Mojo Themes twitter has been incredibly kind so I'll email support like they suggested and I'll also try to get in contact with the other buyer as you suggested.


    I hope you have an amazing 2012!


    - T

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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