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WP Theme Rejected – suggestions?

Forums Item Feedback WP Theme Rejected – suggestions?

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    Hi guys!

    My new WP theme just got rejected… I need your help! I got a standard reject message, so I dont know what to do.

    All suggestions are welcomed!

    Here is the demo:”…../a>


    Thank you!!


    It looks simple but nice. I think it would sell some but if they don't like it you can't do much about that. Make some changes, submit again, and if you get rejected write them and ask for specific feedback on what you can do. It can be tricky getting things published. Good luck to you.



    Sorry if my comment looks a bit harsh, but I think the design is not complete. Menu, footer, pages structure, everything needs refinements. I'm a fan of your other theme – Vision, I think you could use some structural elements from there.



    The global appearance is, in my opinion, not clean enough.

    The main problem i see concerns the typography : you make too much use of bold. Thus, this affects the visual hierarchy.

    Also, there is not enough white space in my opinion.

    Your menu also needs refinement.


    There is also a lot of details that you must look up to :

    - in the portfolio page, the items thumbnails are stuck to each other on each row.

    - when you hover the image, the search icon is also affected by the opacity.



    The two main things you should focus on :

    - change the UI : buttons, icons, etc

    - increase the space

    - do not use bold fonts everywhere, and try to use more conventional fonts (arial, helvetica) for long texts (e.g : post content)


    Good luck !


    Thanks guys! Already working on a new version.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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