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Little Soul – Responsive Blog Theme

This is a theme which perfectly suits for users who want to have their own personal blog. It is designed and developed following a logic based on social networks: an easy access both to the profile and to personal experiences and thoughts.


For any questions contact us from our support page

We are usually online around 09:30 – 12:30 | 15:00 – 19:30 (GMT + 2:00). Please note that while we always strive to answer your questions as soon as humanly possible, sometimes we are not able to do so for whatever reasons and we ask you to be patient during these times.

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Version 2.9 – 01-21-2015

  • Fix bug in responsive design
  • Fix bug for child theme
  • Other small bug fix

Version 2.8 – 01-19-2015

  • Fix bug in google maps shortcode
  • Restored the typography css file
  • Other small bug fix

Version 2.7 – 01-10-2015

  • Fix bug in customizer wordpress
  • Remove plugin sidr. Now the main sidebar has been created using only css.
  • Speed optimization
  • Other small bug fix

Version 2.6 – 01-05-2015

  • Update Redux Framework
  • Update Plugin MetaBox
  • Load All Javascript in footer
  • Loading javascript google maps only when necessary
  • Add Custom Post Types To At A Glance Dashboard Widget
  • New options theme settings
    • (General settings): Url Piwik Analytics and ID Site Piwik Analytics
    • (Tweaks WordPress)
      • Remove Welcome Panel From WordPress Dashboard
      • Disable widget dashboard activity
      • Disable widget dashboard quick press
      • Disable widget dashboard incoming links
      • Disable widget dashboard At a glance
      • Disable widget dashboard plugins
      • Disable widget dashboard recent drafts
      • Disable widget dashboard recent comments
      • Disable widget dashboard primary
      • Disable widget dashboard secondary
      • Add post ID to posts admin columns
      • Add post ID to pages admin columns
      • Add a Featured Image to posts admin columns
      • Add a Featured Image to pages admin columns
      • Add URL Column To WordPress Media Library
      • Remove WordPress logo from admin bar
      • Disable login form shake effect
      • Remove WordPress Version From The Admin Footer
      • Change footer text in WordPress dashboard
    • (Security WordPress)
      • Remove link to theme and plugin editor from WordPress dashboard
  • Update all javascript to latest release
  • Improved theme loading
  • Small bug fix

Version 2.5 – 11-21-2014

  • Update Redux Framework
  • Update Plugin MetaBox
  • New option (Single settings): Show/Hide note under comment form
  • Fixed bug in Timeline blog
  • Small bug fix

Version 2.4 – 09-29-2014

  • New layout for blog: timeline
  • Support for split post into multiple pages
  • Fix small bug

Version 2.3 – 09-26-2014

  • New feature: add link to archive portfolio now very simple!
  • Fix small bug

Version 2.2 – 09-25-2014

  • New layout for blog: masonry
  • Replace Wookmark jquery with freewall (more flexible)
  • Update Redux Framework
  • Move options theme to new file for more flexible update
  • Fix several issue on theme framework
  • Fix bug on archive portfolio
  • Remove local fonts (font awesome & lato). Now are loaded from cdn networks

Version 2.1 – 09-22-2014

  • Fix bug on filterable portfolio
  • Add option to hide left sidebar

Version 2.0 – 09-20-2014

  • Fix css bug on small screen device
  • Fix css bug in live search
  • Custom scrollbar more fluid on desktop view
  • Disable custom scrollbar on mobile device for more fluid scroll
  • Replace swipebox width jQuery.TosRUs. More flexible and more options. Sorry for quick change!
  • Add Filterable portfolio (one, two and three columns)

Version 1.9 – 09-19-2014

  • Replace bxslider with nivoslider for top and post gallery
  • Replace nivolightbox width swipebox
  • Small bux fix

Version 1.8 – 09-17-2014

  • Add custom scrollbar on entire site
  • Now in the list of post there is a preview of the image gallery (navigation and lightbox)
  • Fix bug in post type gallery
  • Update version of font awesome (4.2)

Version 1.7 – 09-13-2014

  • Fix bug in archive sidebar
  • Add options for footer: box/wide version

Version 1.6 – 09-11-2014

  • Fix bug responsive main sidebar
  • Fix bug search form

Version 1.5 – 09-10-2014

  • Add main sidebar
  • Small bug fix

Version 1.4 – 09-08-2014

  • Select for wide/box header
  • Rewriting backgrounds management
  • Update framework
  • Correct notifier for theme update
  • Update widgets
  • Rewrite archive portfolio

Version 1.3 – 08-30-2014

  • Add notifier for theme update
  • Add footer area widgets
  • Small bug fix

Version 1.2 – 08-29-2014

  • Add portfolio
  • Small bug fix

Version 1.1 – 08-27-2014

  • Add wpml support 
  • Update plugin
  • Add widget oembed
  • Add widget instagram
  • Add oembed head page
  • Support oembed for post
  • New shortcode: oembed
  • Small bug fix

Version 1.0 – 08-25-2014

  • Initial release


  • Redux framework Powerful, extensible, yet easy to use Theme Options Framework.
  • Font awesome Iconic font.
  • NivosliderResponsive jQuery Content Slider.
  • SmartMenus Website menus that work on all devices.
  • Initmap A tiny jQuery plugin for embedding Google Maps
  • jQuery.TosRUs The one-stop-shop jQuery plugin for scrolling/swiping through all different kinds of content. On a desktop, tablet or smartphone,inside a HTML element or as a lightbox popup.
  • Freewall is a cross-browser and responsive jQuery plugin to help you create many types of grid layouts: flexible layouts, images layouts, nested grid layouts, metro style layouts, pinterest like layouts
  • Jquery ui is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.
  • Unisphere notifier WordPress Theme Update Notifier.
  • Image VladStudio Images used for the portfolio section (not included in the theme!).
  • Images used for site (not included in the theme!).

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  • Version: 2.4
    • New layout for blog: timeline
    • Support for split post into multiple pages
    • Fix small bug
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