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Metrolo – Powerful and Flexible WordPress Theme


Metrolo is a very powerful and clean WordPress theme suited for both the casual blogger who wants to get started right away and the advanced developer who wants to have complete control over his site design.

headingMetrolo comes with over 240 useful customization controls that will let you setup your blog to your liking.

Simplicity of Use

The backend for Metrolo is organised in a very intuitive and user friendly manner which will allow you to fully exploit the great customisation controls Metrolo comes loaded with. For instance jQuery intelligently hides inactive options making your backend look squeaky clean. admin panel

Hints, Hints, Everywhere!

You’ll find useful hints spread throughout the Metrolo backend. These hints (some are inline, some are regular bubbles, and some are ‘red’ bubbles for extra attention) contain everything from general description, direct links and even screenshots. admin panel


  • Visual Control
    • Unlimited Color variations
    • Unlimited Layouts
    • Custom Image Backgrounds and Patterns
    • Place your own Logo (Text/Image) and Favicon with ease.
    • Multiple Fonts (60 google fonts) to choose from


  • Layout Control – Control your layout by rearranging Modules. Have different layouts for Home Page and the rest of the site. Additionally you can choose to have a custom layout for every single page.
  • Click-and-Drag Layout Manager – Simply click and drag to Rearrange/Add/Hide modules like Slider, Accordian, Content, Message, Posted etc.


  • Metrolo Modules- Metrolo Modules are special content style plugs which can be used anywhere in the layouts
    • Message Module
    • Accordian Module
    • Posted Module
    • Content Plug 1 for homepage
    • Content Plug 2 for homepage
    • Content Plug 3 for homepage
    • Shortcode Boxes – to add HTML and Shortcodes between other modules


  • Galleries / Portfolios
    • Multiple Galleries – Have as many galleries as you want.
    • Organize Your Galleries – Arrange your galleries into category sets and tags.
    • Paged v/s Non-paged – Set the number of items per page, and have automatic pagination.
    • Multiple Gallery Layouts – Select from 6 different layouts – 4/3/2/1 column(s) and Mosaic Gallery (small/large)
    • Optional Sorting – Animated sorting using Gallery-tags


  • Internationalization – Localization ready with sample .po and .mo files
  • Page Templates – Full-width, Galleries (6 layouts), Traditional Blog FrontPage
  • Custom Widgets – Contact info, Recent Tweet, Popular Posts, Recent Posts
  • Pre-designed External Plugins – Existing styles for Contact forms 7 and Related Posts plugins for out-of-the-box usage with Metrolo.
  • Contact Form Anywhere – Use a CF7 contact form anywhere on your site (page / sidebar / footer). With contact fields already styled for you, all you need to decide is how wide you want your form to be.
  • Social Media – 29 social media sites supported
  • Customizable Footer – Widgetized footer, with customizable 3/2/1 column(s) layout


  • Shortcodes – Dropcaps, Highlights, Buttons, Lightboxes, Sliders, Videos, Tabs, Toggles, Styled Lists, Columns. And more…
  • Inbuilt Shortcode Generator – so you dont have to hunt for the syntax in the documentation.
  • Jquery Goodness Sprinkled Throughout The Site
    • animated search icon
    • sliding navigation
    • superfish dropdown navigation menus
    • prettyPhoto lightbox
    • sliders
    • animated gallery sorting
    • sliding and scrolling accordian
    • animated tabs
    • and a lot more…
  • Optimized Database Structure – Metrolo saves all options / metafields as a single array in the Database. This greatly reduces the number of WP-Database queries, thereby reducing the server load and making your site load faster.
  • White Label Admin Panel


  • Extensive Documentation – Complete documentation covering all aspects of Metrolo.
  • Layered Cropped PSDs – for the entire design, as well as individual elements
  • Support Forum – visit
  • Easy to read code – for those who want to get under the hood
  • Browser OK – tested on all modern browsers




Change Log

Version 1.1 – 20 Sep
[FIX] Date styling in meta data to show 3 letter months instead of complete month name
[NEW] added option to open accordian link in prettyPhoto lightbox
Files: archive.php ; blog1.php ; blog2.php ; blog3.php ; search.php ; single.php ; modules/mod_cs2.php ; modules/mod_cs3.php ; modules/mod_acc.php ; admin/options_metafields.php ; languages/default.po ; languages/

Version 1.2 – 2 Oct
[UPDATE] updated Twitter widget to work with Twitter’s new DOM
Files: scripts/twitter.php

Version 1.3 – 18 Oct
[NEW] [REQUESTED FEATURE] Added backend option for enabling pagination in ‘Content-style-3′ module for homepage
[NEW] Added Archive (Categories & Tags) & Search page templates to correspond to Blog type 2 & 3
Files: archive.php ; search.php ; modules/mod_cs3.php ; admin/options_settings.php ; admin/install.php ; admin/css/admin_style.php ; languages/default.po ; languages/

Version 1.4 – 9 Nov
[FIX] RSS link fixed
[UPDATE] updated Twitter widget to use ‘timeline’ instead of ‘search’ API for retrieving tweets
[UPDATE] updated timthumb script to latest version
Files: scripts/thumb.php [updated] ; scripts/custom_socicon.php [modified] ; scripts/twitter.php [modified] ; admin/custom_widgets.php [modified]

Version 1.5 – 25 Jan
[FIX] Timthumb Thumbnails bug
[UPDATE] Option in backend to switch off Timthumb on incompatible server configurations
Files: admin/functions.php ; archive.php ; blog1.php ; blog2.php ; blog3.php ; gallery.php ; search.php ; yarpp-template-metrolo.php ; admin/install.php ; admin/shortcodes.php ; modules/mod_cs1.php ; modules/mod_cs2.php ; modules/mod_cs3.php ; modules/mod_slider_acc.php ; modules/mod_slider_any.php ; modules/mod_slider_nivo.php

Version 1.5.2 – 7 Feb
[FIX] jQuery clash with certain plugins
[NEW] Localization support for ‘Codestyling Localization’ plugin
[UPDATE] Option in backend to use relative paths in Timthumb (certain hosting server configurations require this)
Files: functions.php ; scripts/mtrolo.js ; scripts/custom_slider.php ; admin/options_metafields.php ; admin/functions.php ; admin/shortcodes.php ; admin/options_settings.php

Version 1.5.3 – 29 Oct
[UPDATE] Twitter widget updated to work with new Twitter changes
Files: admin/custom_widgets.php

Version 1.5.4 – 12 Dec
[FIX] Updated to fix jquery conflict in WordPress 3.5
Files: functions.php

Version 1.5.5 – 14 Jun
[FIX] Minor Bug producing errors (affecting very few setups) wherever metafields are displayed
Files: admin/metafields.php

Version 1.5.6 – 04 Aug
[FIX] Button Shortcode display in latest Internet Explorer version
Files: admin/shortcodes.php

Version 1.5.7 – 25 Jun
[FIX] Removed Deprecated funtions for WP3.9
[FIX] Multisite fix for image thumbnails
Files: functions.php ; admin/meafields.php ; admin/printpanels.php ; admin/functions.php

New Topic

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  • Version: 1.5.7
    25 June 2014 - [FIX] Removed Deprecated funtions for WP3.9 - [FIX] Multisite fix for image thumbnails Files: functions.php ; admin/meafields.php ; admin/printpanels.php ; admin/functions.php
  • Version: 1.5.6
    04 Aug 2013 - [FIX] Button Shortcode display in latest Internet Explorer version Files: admin/shortcodes.php
  • Version: 1.5.5
    14-June-2013 - [FIX] Minor backend error affecting very few setups in debug mode. Files modified: admin/metafields.php
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