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Quasar – a premium theme for WordPress

Quasar – Premium Theme for WordPress

Current Version: 1.3

Quasar is an All-In-One Theme which can be used for many cases. It is build on top of the encore framework and therefore it comes with a lot of features, options and various stylings. It can be used for any small to large business, simple portfolios or corporate websites. The advanced comment system, integrated social sharing tools and the custom login box makes quasar also capable for blogs or magazines


  • 10 preset Styles + 2 Bonus Styles and options to easily create your own
  • Homepage Variations (with or without main body, display posts or page, extra widget positions,…)
  • Advanced Menu System
  • Advanced Showcase
  • Advanced Commenting System
  • Page Templates
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • 7 Custom Widgets – all capable for multiple use
    • Content Display Widget
      • various templates (post-list, image, quote, status)
      • feed link
    • Contact Info Widget
    • Comment Widget (with Hovercard Support)
    • Login Widget
    • Advertising Widget
  • 50+ Shortcodes
    • Column Shortcodes
    • Image Cropping Shortcode
    • Button Shortcodes
    • Icon Shortcodes
    • Video Shortcode
    • Toggle Shortcode
    • Loginform Shortcode
    • Typo Shortcodes
  • Custom Fields Support with Post/Page Panel
    • Sidebar Settings – choose which sidebar to display
    • Content Settings – setup some custom read more labels
  • Integrated Custom Video Player for Youtube
  • Custom Login Box
  • Typography with Webfonts (Google Webfonts)
  • Integrated Fancybox
  • Image sequential loading effect
  • Support for Post Thumbnails
  • Frontend Editor Mode
  • Social Sharing Tools
  • Integrated Social Network Profiles
  • Intuitive Theme Settings Panel
    • AJAX-driven (no page-reload)
    • Demo Content Importer
    • Settings Import/Export
    • Update Notifier
  • Integrated Support for Twitter @anywhere
  • Integrated Support for Contact Form 7
  • Integrated Support for WPML Multi Language
  • Integrated Support for Download Monitor
  • PNG Source File
  • Compatible with all modern major browsers (see details in the sidebar)
  • Setup Guide, Documentation and Video Tutorials (in progress)


  • Theme in current version (unzipped and zipped)
  • 2 extra plugins (inSocial and Flags)
  • Demo Content (importable via theme settings)
  • PNG Source File
  • Online Documentation incl. Video Tutorials (coming soon)


To get a better overview how simple it is to modify the settings, here are some shots of the theme settings panel:

Image of encore Framework - Theme Settings Panel


Quasar will be further developed and updated in regular intervals. If you notice any bug or have a feature request please report them to us.

If you need help or have any question we would be delighted to answer them all.

Button Documentation Button FAQ Button Changelog Button Credits


Button Twitter Button Facebook


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  • Is there some demo content available to use for the start?
    Simply: YES! Since Version 1.3 we’ve included a Demo Content importer which does the job with a single click
  • How is the 4-columns area on the Homepage done?
    This is simply a Text Widget on the Position Homepage-Top with a shortcode combination. Columns Shortcodes, Image and Button Shortcodes. Here is the example code:
  • How do I setup a gallery of images?
    If you don’t want to use a proper Gallery Plugin you can always add images to any post or page. You simply do that by uploading them to the particular post or page and click on the button “Insert Gallery”. Hover Effects and Fancybox will automatically be applied on it.
  • Does Quasar come with an integrated contact form?
    No. We’ve decided to not include a contact form and instead rely on one of the most powerful plugins for forms out there: Contact Form 7. It is highly customizeable and offers you not only ajax-submission (no page-reload) and real-time validation. You can also customize the Success/Error Messages easily without any programming knowledge.
  • From where can I download the encore Framework? Is it free or do I need to pay for it?
    The encore Framework is already included into the theme. You don’t need to buy and don’t need to download anything else in order to use Quasar.
  • Version: 1.5.0 [20-07-2012]
    + added options to choose sidebar position (left/right) + added options for setting a specific role who can see/use the custom meta boxes + added a proper pagination for category pages + added social network links in the top panel + added 2 new bonus styles + added to the theme with option to opt-in/opt-out ^ updatet included timthumb.php to 2.8.10 ^ reworked webfonts loader, added new fonts (500+) ^ reworked the top panel (language switcher, login, social network links) ^ reworked archive widget styles on the error page ^ reworked category widget styles on the error page - removed admin bar styles - removed facebook and twitter widgets due compatibility issues - # fixed facebook page template width. It’s now optimized for the new facebook timeline. # fixed social sharing button options which caused that the admin can’t select which buttons to show and which not # fixed issue with image loader and transparent png which lets the loading grafic come through the transparent background of the png # fixed some depraciated functions
  • Version: 1.3.0 [24-05-2011]
    + added facebook page template + added custom youtube video player (incl. Shortcode) + added demo content importer + added export/import theme settings + added some new images in admin/library/images ^ updated jquery tools to 1.2.2 (admin backend) ^ improved theme settings page – settings are saved via AJAX ^ improved preset style selector in theme settings ^ outsourced javascript from admin/interface.php to admin/library/init.js ^ improved javascript in general (jQuery.noConflict();) # fixed image path for tooltip info grafic in backend – theme settings –> admin/interface.php # fixed issue with having 3rd level submenus to far from its parent on small screens –> infuse.slidemenu.js # fixed issue with having a custom sidebar while there was none setup –> functions/functions.php # fixed hardcoded timthumb image filter in [image] shortcode –> shortcodes.php
  • Version: 1.2.0 [01-05-2011]
    + added 43 icon shortcodes + added blank table style + integrated update notifier script ^ reworked boxed style ^ improved admin styles # fixed unclickable breadcrumb navigation through a negative margin on full width pages
  • Version: 1.1.0 [07-04-2011]
    + added enhanced comment display via enqueue_script() + added 51 Filetype Icons w/ CSS for Download Buttons ^ improved theme according to the recommendations of the “Theme-Check” Plugin ^ improved script and style loading -> switched to enqueue_script() and enqueue_style() ^ improved read more buttons ^ improved nivo slider transition on FF4 ^ changed hover effect on posts widget -> viewstyle: images ^ moved theme settings page under “Appearance” ^ moved editor.php under /admin - removed jQuery 1.5.2 library -> using jQuery from WP Core for compatibility (1.4.4) - removed infuse.comment.js -> using ‘comment-reply’ instead # fixed displaying icons on contactinfo widget in the bottom section.
  • Version: 1.0.0 RC [06-04-2011]
    ^ improved file/folder structure ^ improved image file size -> compressed images via
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