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WordPress Wednesday: HTML5 Templates

Posted By Bryan Petty

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WordPress Wednesday: At MOJO Headquarters we are lucky enough to have two in house WordPress Core Contributors, Mike Hansen and Bryan Petty. Each week we’ll be sitting down with them to get the inside scoop on what’s new with WordPress. It has always been possible to write up full HTML5 compatible templates (at least up ... Read More

WordPress Wednesday : Post Revisions

Posted By MikeHansenMe

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Revisions have been a feature in WordPress since version 2.6 (2008). It is now getting revisited in the 3.6 update to address some of the previous bugs. It is also getting a UI overhaul to improve the user experience. Not all users look at diffs everyday or understand what exactly they are. With the new ... Read More

WordPress is Alive

Posted By MikeHansenMe

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Say hello to the second WordPress Wednesday from MOJO. Once again we are highlighting the coming features for version 3.6 coming out very soon. For this post we wanted to highlight the new Heartbeat API. The Heartbeat API is an new feature introduced in WordPress 3.6. It was introduced to help deliver login expiration notifications, ... Read More

New Series: Who’s JOINT FORCES Ready?

Posted By J.R. Farr


A little over a year ago, we created the first collaboration tool for Designers and Developers called JOINT FORCES. Essentially, sellers on MOJO can collaborate on their work and then upload it as a team. Of course the idea is to join forces with their unique talents to create awesome themes and templates. Thus far, ... Read More

The New MOJO Sellers Guide

Posted By J.R. Farr


This one goes out to all the MOJO sellers! After putting in countless hours, a case of Red Bulls and all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into creating these awesome items we want to help you get the most out of your items. We’ve put together a thorough sellers guide which outlines some ... Read More

Item Descriptions

Posted By Brady Nord


With the new MOJO-Themes design we have made a strong effort to enhance our item descriptions. With the original design we often had to jimmy-rig the descriptions to get them to look nice.  Now I want to reiterate that your item descriptions will display exactly as you HTML them into the upload process. Just to ... Read More

How to create WordPress shortcodes

Posted By Brady Nord


After speaking with a good friend and awesome affiliate of MOJO Themes it was mentioned to me that many users would really appreciate some snippets of code that they could use in their theme designs or in other words “shortcodes”.  I instantly became excited with the idea and decided to offer my knowledge and know-how ... Read More

Help Files:
How to actually help your buyer.

Posted By Brady Nord


It’s tough to be excited when talking about “Help Files” and I completely understand the pain of spending time writing a file that hides behind the scenes. After spending a good amount of my time behind the scenes I have learned that this is where the retention of customers is made. The theme business is ... Read More

Seller Tips: The Art of the “Live Demo”

Posted By JR Farr

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Hey gals and guys! We’re hopping back on this blogging bandwagon and to kick things off, we want to open up a discussion about theme demos. Good times right? Right! Live Demos are Important Absolutely. I think it’s a safe to say buyers appreciate having the ability to see EVERYTHING a theme can do before ... Read More

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