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Item Descriptions

Posted By Brady Nord


With the new MOJO-Themes design we have made a strong effort to enhance our item descriptions. With the original design we often had to jimmy-rig the descriptions to get them to look nice.  Now I want to reiterate that your item descriptions will display exactly as you HTML them into the upload process. Just to ... Read More

Help Files:
How to actually help your buyer.

Posted By Brady Nord


It’s tough to be excited when talking about “Help Files” and I completely understand the pain of spending time writing a file that hides behind the scenes. After spending a good amount of my time behind the scenes I have learned that this is where the retention of customers is made. The theme business is ... Read More

Seller Tips: The Art of the “Live Demo”

Posted By JR Farr

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Hey gals and guys! We’re hopping back on this blogging bandwagon and to kick things off, we want to open up a discussion about theme demos. Good times right? Right! Live Demos are Important Absolutely. I think it’s a safe to say buyers appreciate having the ability to see EVERYTHING a theme can do before ... Read More

A Few Tips for Getting your Item Approved

Posted By JR Farr

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Ah yes, getting an item approved. Sounds like fun right? I thought I’d throw out a few tips/ideas to help our fellow sellers have an easier time getting their items approved. Our bottom line goal is to ensure all items in the marketplace are of the highest-quality. Honestly, there’s no method to the madness. No ... Read More

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