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About Me

I am a retired Over the Road Class A CDL Licensed Truck Driver. From Coast to Coast and from Canada into Mexico. I have 1,000,000 miles under my belt. Federal Law mandates that every Driver who has worked / driven for 7 days must take a 32 hour break / layover. I never knew where I would wind up and had no desire to hang out inside truck stops, like most other drivers. I have always been fascinated with website design so I taught myself using Google, Youtube and Microsoft Expression 4. I started with WYSIWYG and slowly worked in straight HTML. I did this inside my very comfortable and spacious sleeper. I was blessed to drive some very sweet rigs. I used my IPhone connected to my laptop to go on-line. If you Google (This link will open in a new window or tab depending on your browser) my name, most of the time I come up number one. If you do Google my name, hit me up via e-mail and tell me your location and what ranking I have. If you would like to see a forum I bought, installed and maintain, go to Christian Trucker Forum. (This link will open in a new window or tab depending on your browser). I spent close to a month with e-mails between their support team and myself, but the out come was well worth it. I learned a great deal. God Bless. p.s. My avatar = PICNIC. This was my CB Handel, (Name). It stands for "Problem In Chair Not In Computer". Dana Tucker.

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