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Item Descriptions

Posted By Brady Nord


With the new MOJO-Themes design we have made a strong effort to enhance our item descriptions. With the original design we often had to jimmy-rig the descriptions to get them to look nice.  Now I want to reiterate that your item descriptions will display exactly as you HTML them into the upload process.

Just to reiterate, I want to make sure all our sellers understand that buyers will judge the quality of items by the quality of your descriptions.  Please, please, please do not go lightly on your item descriptions.

Below is an example description that we have assembled to give you some ideas as to what is possible. In addition, at the very bottom you can download an entire doc with all html.

Heading with Version Number

Item description heading

Here is the code:

<div class=”classic-intro clearfix”>

<h3>Theme Name Introduction</h3>

<p>Current Version: 1.3</p>


<p>Introducing… The number item name in the World Wide Web! This is your time to shine. You need to remember how crucial this part of the sales process is. Since we understand this, we have set out to create pre-made templates for our sellers to utilize to make their items shine! Do your best to not hold back on every feature you can think of.</p>


Item Description Lists

Large Image

Item Description Image

Here is the code:

<h3>A Closer Look Under the Hood…</h3>
<p>We notice quite a few potential buyers wanting to get a better idea of how much control they’ll have over the theme. If you can take some extra time to come up with some nice graphics or screenshots of the themes flexibility or even the options panel it will go a long way.</p>

<!– Title Top & Image Below –>


<h4>Powered by the MOJO + Themify Framework</h4>

<img src=”…” width=”415″ height=”259″ alt=”" title=”MOJO + Themify” />


Images Left and Text Right

Item Descriptions Left Image

Here is the code:

<section class=”classic-left-image-bg shadow”>

<section class=”clearfix”>

<div class=”classic-left-image”>

<img src=”…” width=”218″ height=”138″ alt=”" title=”Style Changer” />


<div class=”classic-right-text”>

<h3>Easy Styling + Control</h3>

<p>Just click, select & hit save.<br /> We’ll handle all the CSS coding for you.</p>




Images Right and Text Left

Item Description Right Image

Here is the code:

<section class=”classic-right-image-bg shadow”>

<section class=”clearfix”>

<div class=”classic-right-image”>

<img src=”…” width=”218″ height=”138″ alt=”" title=”Control Background Images” />


<div class=”classic-left-text”>

<h3>Controllable Image Library</h3>

<p>All images you upload are stored in<br /> the library for you to preview.</p>




In addition to these great additions, I want to point out some common problems that we are seeing with people uploading. For one, please do not create your list items manually by inserting dashes or tabs manually. Secondly, we are seeing uploads where people are beginning their item descriptions with pre tags. Please do not do this.

Lastly, I have attached a link to download a full item description and all you have to do is change the content with your item content. Please do this!

Download Example Here:

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