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BuddyPress WordPress Templates

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Simply the Best BuddyPress WordPress Templates

When you purchase a BuddyPress WordPress template from Mojo-Themes, you can rest assured you are getting a fully-operational template that is ready for immediate use. Whether you choose to use the template exactly as it is or you wish to make a few changes in order to better suit your needs, our templates are fully adaptable and ready for you to use as you please. With our unique open marketplace design and rating system, you can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality template that will make your social network stand out and get noticed.

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What is a BuddyPress WordPress Template?

Originally developed in 2008, BuddyPress was designed to help WordPress users add a social networking component to their website. Since its first stable release in May 2009, BuddyPress has quickly become a popular platform for those who are interested in creating a more dynamic and user-friendly website. Since BuddyPress is a completely open source platform, anyone can help modify and improve upon the template. Or, since all of the BuddyPress WordPress templates available through Mojo-Themes are 100% complete and ready to go, you can just leave it as it is and enjoy great results.

Some of the features included in the BuddyPress platform include:

• Activity Streams – includes threaded commenting, favorites, status updates and more.
• Discussion Forums – allows users to enjoy more in-depth conversations.
• Extended Profiles – editable profile fields allow users to describe themselves.
• Friend Connections – allows users to make friend connections.
• Multisite Blogging – allows each user to start a blog while also allowing you to track new posts and comments.
• Private Messaging – allows users to talk to each other directly or to send messages to multiple recipients at one time.
• User Groups – allows discussions to be broken down into specific topics.
• User Settings – allows users to modify their notification options and to change their account information without accessing the site’s administration area.

Why Use a BuddyPress WordPress Template?

BuddyPress WordPress templates offer a number of benefits. First, the BuddyPress platform allows people with similar interests to connect and to communicate with one another directly on your site. For this reason, the BuddyPress platform is popular on campuses in order to create social networking opportunities for students to share information about events or to form study groups. BuddyPress is also an excellent tool for increasing internal communication within a company or to simply create an online social network focusing on a topic of interest. Social networking can serve as an excellent marketing tool and can help draw traffic to your website.

When you purchase one of the BuddyPress WordPress templates available at Mojo-Themes, you can get the social networking component of your website up and running in a very short period of time. Furthermore, unless you have the knowledge and time available to use the platform yourself rather than hiring someone to do it for you, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing one of our templates and tweaking it to suit your specific needs.

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