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About MOJO

We have modest dreams…

To create an open marketplace for top rated designers and developers to shine in a world where design is becoming more competitive. We also wanted to build a go-to marketplace where anyone can find, rate and buy quality themes & templates all in one trusted place.

Looking at both sides of the spectrum, we’re on a mission to hit the interwebs full steam to get your MOJO back.

Who is the MOJO behind the MOJO.

We’d like to formally introduce ourselves. We are Mojoness Inc.

That’s right, MOJO Themes is brought to you by the Mojoness team. We are a startup company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The team behind Mojoness is an ambitious and competitive company set out to bring value to anyone we come across. The team brings years of experience in web design and development where we push the limits to deliver a fresh perspective with innovative products.

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Founders

JR Farr

These little bios are always tough. Do I talk 3rd person? No, those are way over used. Oh well here goes…

For starters I feel lucky to say I love what I do. My passion is building solutions for real world problems. I have a high-level of experience in the tech industry. I love building products and believe are ideas shit and execution is everything. My skills vary between design, some front-end dev to paid search/SEO to to conversion testing. I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades, which I’m not quite sure is a good thing. ;)

On a personal note, I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT. I am a father blessed with the best kids you could ever ask for. I am a sports enthusiast and when it comes to the Boston Red Sox, I’m the true definition of a fanatic.


Brady Nord

I have spent the past five years working with the internet in all different regards. Through this I have learned what I think is a lot about what people like and what people really don’t when it comes to their website.

Me, I’m a local Utah boy happily engaged to my college love. I am passionate about traveling and have had the amazing opportunity to have lived in some pretty random places.  From Timmins, Ontario, where the people ride on the backs of black flies and beer, all the way to the nightly firework displays of Talal Al-Ali in Amman, Jordan,  I have seen some great stuff and met even greater people.

Please email or hit me up on Twitter and let us know how we are doing. I have been wrestling with MOJO-Themes from day one and couldn’t be more excited to share this with you all.


Meet the Development Team:

Nick Searle

Having been a techie since the early days of the interwebs, Nick has always taken a vested interest in all things digital. His emergence into web development began at a ripe age when his school entrusted him to manage their web presence. It’s been quite the journey since those days.

Today you can find Nick with a phone attached to his ear or in strategy sessions “seeing what sticks”. His knack for management and an intimate understanding of the web make him an invaluable asset to the Mojoness team.


Will Ayers

You’d never know it from his Calvin Klein model looks, but Will is a nerd at heart that would speak in web code if it were socially acceptable.

Being highly interested in technology since the first time he reverse engineered his Nintendo, Will has always managed to make the seemingly impossible happen. His abilities make even the most seasoned of programmers shake in their Chuck Taylors.


Meet the Design Team:

Mike Miller

A digital native who thrives on pushing pixels, who’s love for creating the wow factor has lead him from coast to coast helping some of the biggest names in the world create and deploy content on and offline. His understanding of how people use the web has helped him to merge creative design with merchandising to help clients drive sales and revenue. With content becoming more and more accessible to the end user, creative matters now more than ever. Mike thrives on pushing to think below the fold. He tries to steer clear of trends, simply because they are just that – trends. Here today, gone tomorrow.

When he’s not at the office you can find Mike at the racetrack or daydreaming about anything to do with cars. Bulldog owner, Big thinker and Florida Gator fan.



We know everyone’s got one or some but we feel like so many peeps have lost it. We like to think of your MOJO as your brand. It’s what makes you different.

We at MOJO themes have a passion for what the web can bring to individuals and brands. We love what we do and because we all share the same passion in what we’re doing we know that MOJO themes will outshine everyone who stands in our way.

We’re here to bring the MOJO back.