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Advise needed

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    My name is Jakob, and I’ve been assigned to create a website in a project with my school and I am wondering about a couple of things. I’m kinda a beginner at this subject.. I’ve been looking at some of the templates and I’m interested in a couple of them. The problem is that I’m unsure if it woud be able to the things I would need it to do.

     - People needs to be able to buy things at my site

     - How good is the security when I’m thinking of hackers etc.


    I know it’s some stupid questions but I need to know :)


    Best regards



    Key Master

    Hello @Bombebak,

    Welcome to Mojo Themes! I would be glad to help you find what you are looking for and answer any questions you have.

    If you are going to be selling things on your site, you might be interested in the Magento themes as these are for Shopping Cart sites.

    Do you know what system you are going to be using? When it comes to security, the first part you want to check is the underlying system you are using wether it is WordPress, Magento or Drupal.



    Hello Cointilt

    Thanks for your quick response !

    I’ve been thinking about using e107 or Joomla but havent chosen yet.

    I see that you got two Magento themes, do you have more of those ?? :)


    - Bombebak


    Key Master


    Currently those are the only Magento themes that have been approved. We do not offer any e107 themes as of this moment.

    If you would be interested in giving WordPress a try ( I use WordPress for a lot of projects. This site is even run off of wordpress! ) you can check out the latest WordPress Theme that was submitted called Shopping Cart for WordPress.

    It is especially for shopping and comes with a lot of helpful features and multiple themes to choose from.



    I’m willing to give WordPress a try :)


    Thanks for the advise





    You’re never wrong with WordPress. With the right Plugins you can turn the System in pretty much everything you want… just look at this site ;)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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