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Buyers – What theme would you like to see?

Forums General Buyers – What theme would you like to see?

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    This one’s for the buyers – what theme would you like to see?

    I like to make something a little more original than the usual stuff so I’m open for ideas on what you’re after..examples: Driving instructor’s website template, martial arts school website template….what are you after?



    I try not to get too specific like that. I for one, wouldn’t want to create a template that could ONLY be a martial arts template. Red Fred could be a martial arts template for example, or it could also easily be a driving instructor template, it just boils down to content and images.

    Seems like you would be really restricting your sales if you made a template that could only be used for one small niche. If you really want to go for a specific template though, I would recommend a big niche. Like real estate or restaurants. They seem to do pretty well.

    Just my 2 cents.



    Cheers nathrat, I know I shouldn’t niche too small I was just looking for ideas; I always design my templates to be used for other stuff too but have to admit I’d like to niche on my next template just for the creative challenge.


    Key Master
    I would actually have to say that niche markets can be quite profitable. But I agree with @nathrat – you shouldn’t get too niche, unless you have a direct need for it. 

    Here are some of my ideas for you:

    • Weight Loss
    • Sports
      • Golf
      • Football
      • Basketball
      • Generic
    • Music / Guitar
    • Workout / Fitness

    Just some ideas!



    Thanks nsearle, some good ideas there. I’ve decided my next theme will be fashion related, a shop or blog but I’ll keep these ideas in mind.



    There ya go. If you can pull off a really good store/shop, that could be really popular.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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