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Checkouts, deposits and how to use funds.

Forums General Checkouts, deposits and how to use funds.

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    Guys I have purchased thousands of items across the internet over the years including templates, hosting and god knows how many hundreds of domain names but sadly for me the MOJO checkout process is just bewildering.


    In order to obtain any discount I must first make a deposit.

    Ok I make my deposit according to the FAQ section which states: DEPOSITING MONEY (Optional) Something to consider is that we give you the option of depositing money into your account before purchasing your theme and receive a discount. This option makes checking out quick and easy. So I deposit $10,

    • I then go to checkout and I see the very very very feint coupon code box, so I enter my code.
    • I select buy it now and get taken straight to Paypal which only shows the full item price.
    • I see no other option to purchase the template other than via the Buy It Now button.
    • How do I apply my deposit to the sale, ie get the $10 deposit taken off the sale price and how am I able to pay for the discounted purchase?

    I have searched faq's but nothing is clear.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Well after making a £10 dollar deposit and following this message at checkout

    Continue Shopping Now

    You shoud’ve arrived here after making a transaction using PayPal. If you’ve made a deposit, you will see you account balance reflect your deposit shorthly. Feel free to continue shopping now!


    I waited for an hour for the balance to be reflected against my purchase but no joy.

    As I needed the template asap I had no option to purchase it at the full price minus a discount code and with no deduction of my balance.

    Why even have this 'Deposit' method, to be honest it had put me off from purchasing a number of templates during the last several months but today I thought I would take the plunge.

    I could easily have obtained an unauthorised version of this template at zero cost but instead I had chosen to purchase the item legitimately as I believe the author should be paid for his hard work.

    By using MOJO I am now left out of pocket as you now have $10 which remains unusable in my account despite my having to wait for the deposit to be accepted by the system for some reason.

    As a first time user of MOJO I am now very very disappointed by the whole process to say the least and I would like my all but useless $10 deposit returned to my account please. 




    Have you tried contacting support?



    Hey Studio500,

    Do you currently see your account balance at $10.00, or is it just at $0.00? 


    Contact support[at]mojo-themes[dot]com if you're still having issues, they'll be happy to take care of it for you :-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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