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    Hey everyone, whats the general opinion on the earnings withdrawl process on Mojo-Themes?


    Previously there was an option to request payout within 48 hours (for a fee) however that option has now been removed without any notice to contributors…. so the only option now is to request a payout during the last 3 days of the month, and then wait up to another 15 days to receive the payout. A total of 45 days???


    For those of us make a living from this it is pretty frustrating having to wait this long to receive a payout, especially when there are thousands of dollars on the line…. the hardest part is not having a set date when you can expect payment.


    What do the other developers think of this payout process?



    i have this problem too any one can help plz


    This is the biggest problem in Mojo,

    while working Skrill though that that able to withdraw but now the money do not come at all (



    Same problem here, the withdraw I submitted last month is still here. I have sent a support ticket a week ago and the assure me that I will definitely received my payment today…

    Any support team here that can look at it, we are the 15th and no money withdraw..


    I’m almost two months while waiting the money to come)
    they are removed from the account but on my account PayPal not received more than two weeks!
    Mojo support is silent, no answer when they come (



    That is bad, some people (like me) are living on that income, if I don’t get paid I’m in trouble… If not I’ll remove my theme from here…

    Did you send a support ticket to Mojo?


    Yes, I sent a lot of tickets in Mojo, answer only on one, it’s been has long,
    they said that they are looking for a man who worked on this…
    after that silence)

    It’s strange why there such problem with the payment?
    I think that Mojo urgently need to take action on this issue,
    because this is very important!

    For example, on TF money comes exactly 15th, without delay!


    I have to agree with the previous posts, I have been having issues with my account balance showing incorrect amounts, not being able to draw the money since the account balance showing lower amounts. It has been a month,  4 emails to support and now i have to chase up the withdrawal.

    Over the last 9 month i have sent 3 emails to support with technical issues,,, always the same, i get email along the lines “i will forward this to our team, we’ll get back to you”… never heard from them again, makes me wonder does this team even exist?

    Now we have Mojo Code, great but Mojo themes need serious improvement especially for serious sellers but that is unluckily to happen with their attention split between the two. Support comments being another big frustration, I see a notification about received message so you click on the message but that doesnt take you to that message but rather to the theme page so you have to click Suppoort. If this is a new support thread then you can see it at the top with zero replies but if this a comment on an existing thread you have open thread by thread looking for the user name until you find it… extremely frustrating when you have to do it few times a day.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Hey guys, alright looks like we have some issues to address here. I want to make sure I address every one of you separately so here goes! ;)

    @syncthemes – Really sorry for the issues you had. I know we worked out a few things for you guys and we have for the most part made sure you guys were taken care of. Right? For this month I don’t even see a withdrawal request from you guys, I’ll have to check again to see if I missed something. Regardless  I’d like to make sure you’re taken care of. Can you tell me how I can help me or shoot me an email?

    @zthemes – You requested a withdrawal on 1/13 so your withdrawal was not processed. Our policy is to request within the last 3 days of each month and we pay out NET15. In other words, for December commissions you request a withdrawal within the last 3 days of December then we payout January 15th (today). Does that make sense?

    @royalwpthemes – Can you send me an email with your bank info so we can get you on our Wire Transfer program? MoneyBookers gave us so many issues, locked up thousands of dollars of ours and so many other issues that it became impossible to send money out of our account. Sorry for the issues there but please email (jr[at]mojoness[dot]com so we can pay you via PayPal, mail you a check or do a wire transfer. ;)

    @MonkeeThemes – Ok so you did the same as zthemes. You requested on the wrong day so our team didn’t process it based of our guidelines. Also I replied to your other topic.

    @GuerillaThemes – Alright so I have read through your post and see there’s a few issues you’ve had. For one, the account balance. The ONLY issue there would be a delay because of our caching and multi region Amazon web server setup. There WAS a delay (which is fixed now) that caused your balance to not update in real time but again, it was just a delay. Your balance SHOULD reflect the correct number. However, if not, we’re happy to look into it further if you just shoot me an email directly (jr[at]mojoness[dot]com). Lastly, for your payouts I’ve looked at the history and all of your withdrawal requests were paid right on time and this month there wasn’t a request. Obviously I know you didn’t because of your balance updating issues so you can still request one and I’ll make sure that is processed immediately. Ok? ;)




    Ok guys, hopefully that addressed everyone appropriately. If not, email me, tweet me, or whatever else and I’ll be happy to help you guys. I’m sorry if there’s been some issues and delays. Between rolling out our new multi region server setup, caching issues and the Holidays we were backed up. Again, we’re sorry but we are finally getting caught up so thanks for your patience.

    Let me know how we can help make your experience with MOJO awesome. We’re here for you! ;)



    Does anyone else has requested the withdraw the last 3 days of december and then requested another withdraw this month but it did overwrite the pending one of last month?


    J.R. Farr thanks for answer! i send you message, check your email!)


    On my tickets, no one answers is why I’M writing here!

    The same question, you have some problems with PayPal?

    Why you can not transfer my money, for this is a huge time? money frozen or what?

    You have had problems with Moneybookers and you disabled it, now have the same problems with PayPal, so how do I withdraw my money from here? is there any method of withdrawal money? because in a few months I did not receive any money (

    Can you explain what the problem? and when money will be transferred?


    Key Master

    @RoyalWPThemes Please see our response to your support ticket with us. We have asked for case sensitive information on a wire transfer.

    -MOJO Support



    Hey! Can anyone respond me on email or twitter about withdraw?

    I’ve asked for withdraw last month, but no answers to my emails from support.



    Can someone answer me?

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