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feedback for WordPress theme

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    hello everyone :D

    Basically we want to know what you think about our new design that we will code for WordPress to give it through mojo soon. Do you think it will be accepted or not ? Any particular guidelines that we need to meet,  except  the Sellers Guide and help file .zip?

    Here are some screenshots from cXoco template

    Full page
    Post page
    Portfolio alt

    thanks for your time



    Hey there,


    First of all, starting with your navigation bar at the top, as you will be creating a theme that will be serving a wide audience, you should only use web-safe fonts. Even though this font may be achievable through services such as cufon, I feel that the font you have chosen is more of a header font and not a font that would fit in with the style of design you are going for.


    Furthermore I recommend that you check every single font in your design, and see if it is web safe and if it looks nice in every browser, some browsers and even operating systems render fonts differently.


    Secondly in the footer, i'm a bit confused as to why there are lots of different logos, yes it may be to show your partners, but you have to remember not everyone in your target audience are a company or would have partners, unless you are purposely creating a business theme, which would be a useful feature.


    Other than that, it all looks achievable in wordpress, unless i'm missing something, there's my view.





    Thank you Henerz taking time to view template

    Fist of all i would like to say that almost all element will be switchable (on-off) in every page through admin control panel..
    Elements like slideshow, feature posts,  recently projects as well as partners/brands in footer, so this isn’t going to be a problem if a user want to use it for a corporative site or just a blog.

    About fonts (your probably speaking about Harlow ) our intention is  to use cufon fonts just in menus and/or maybe some titles…



    Here are some things you should improve:

    • categories text seems to be too big and recent post, tweets and comments too small. 
    • add some padding to buttons, they gives me the impression of suffocation. (ex. register form buttons)
    • icons of latest tweets and recent post with different sizes, they should be equal.
    • icons of latest tweets are not correctly aligned.
    • the newsletter inputs seems “too grunge”, doesn't fit the general concept .
    • Create a more professional logo.
    • The menu don't know why but seems to break something, at first glance seemed like a restaurant website but after but also a business site, that font don't fit for a corporate site.
    • In general give more whitespace.

    Hope this helps



    Thanks for you comment restituto it was quite helpful …

    i made most of corrections, u can see a newer version here
    you believe this version will be acceptable ?



    I like this theme, it has some great ideas incorporated and is big, fat, chunky – it looks like something that can last (would be great for someone selling posh furniture or anything that needs the look of something that can take a knock). All of the drop shadows aren't my taste but it is a great design and I'm pretty sure they'd accept it so go on submit it and good luck with the sales :)



    thank you very much robbydesigns :D

    so go on submit it and good luck with the sales :)

     will do that :D



    Following you – love your 'outside the box' design ideas, btw love your website – featured on my Blog:



    thanx m8 :D really appreciate that :D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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