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    I have been thinking I would like to list my themes in the Mojo store but after a rejection I am not sure where to go.


    The theme was designed to be a back to basics blog setup. A clean easy to use foundation to build upon and customize. I am fully behind this theme in terms of support and continuous updates+improvements and have already privately sold it several times.. What am I missing to get it into the Mojo store? 



    Thanks in advance!



    I believe you should improve the design a lot, the typography, spacings, everything. + in terms of functionality, this is really basic. 

    Check some of free themes here -…

    People won't buy your theme if it doesn't provide more features/more appealing design than the free themes have.

    Just my 2 cents.



    I appericate your two cents.

    Interms of “typography, spacings, everything” can you point out one specific aspect or element for me? In your opinion?




    I really do think that every theme that sells has to be a tricked out $30-40 one. There is space for better marketing $1-20 themes to writers who aren't super savvy or devs who just want simple but well crafted foundations, those that are updated and well supported. Which often trumps free offerings.

    I don't think that MT or TF are reaching out to, or serving those users/developers and there is opportunity to widen the market. Maybe WordPress itself will do so with their own open marketplace, eventually. Or someone. In the meantime I play the game.

    What if Apple only preferred super polished cutting edge apps at $30-40?


    Sweet Themes

    I've worked with several “premium” themes lately (naming no names) and the backend and admin options, docs etc are a complete mess! People have bought them because they looked pretty on the demos and only cost $30, but they end up paying $$$s at least to get it all sorted.


    If you have good back-end foundation and a cleanly constructed “base” (I build my stuff from scratch, only add what's needed etc) then you could release that, but it seems the best choice is to have that solid foundation, and “dress it up”, which offers buyers the best of both worlds and is, in my opinion, worth a premium.


    How to educate buyers of the difference is hard though, the times recently I've heard people bemoaning themes they've bought (not from here, which is nice) and then felt unable to use due to strange admin sections, and OTT options panels it's quite demoralising to have to set yourself alongside these sort of themes.

    Anyway, if you're foundation is strong, then why not just dress it up in one or more “flavours” with the extra finesse, spit and polish, and try to sell those more complete packages.



    Thanks for your comments ST. You are right of course the best of both worlds is ideal and I have not given up trying to reach thatt and get listed as I learn the ins and outs of this process. I suppose my major contention as a programmer is that I wanted to build an awesome from scratch theme framework with a decent visual start as is but leave lots of head room for customization and design with support as needed. I am not the worlds greatest visual designer but I am learning to find the balance needed here.

    It’s just a little odd to me because as the docs state the first thing buyers usually do is start to tinker and customize. I know in the past I have looked for and bought clean themes that were close to the style wanted that I could work with, that were not weighed down by heavy glitz and stuff I’d never need. My first effort here was just that to build a good clean slate for someone to run with for say $10- $20.. Anyway again thanks for your input and perspective, it helps and I appericate it. I will forge on.


    Sweet Themes

    Why not try the joint forces scheme here, there are designers who can't code that much who you may strike up a good partnership with. Robbydesigns for example seems to be constantly seeking someone to help out for a start.



    Here’s where I am today:

    • I have not resubmitted yet, before I do that I am adding;
    • full dropdown menu support
    • better comments css
    • a useful.. slider
    • default home page non blog layouts
    • font options in admin (googles?)
    • more post types
    • more page types
    • a ratings system
    • more admin options




    I think you should increase space between every post. Tags seems too close to next post.

    Some alignment improvements: Full width text is not correctly aligned, “Rss feeds” on footer are not aligned with “Meta” links



    restituto, Thanks for your comments. I have implemented them as suggested. I would not have thought to align meta with rss feed. Cheers.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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