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Hi everyone, Just joined and made my first deposit.

Forums Introduce yourself! Hi everyone, Just joined and made my first deposit.

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    I'm Jeremie Moouithsone, I'm so excited to join your community, really like your work. Now I'm trying to purchase one of your theme for my new wordpress site, but would like to have it custom.  Below are few questions:


    1. I would like to have a custom homepage in the magazine cover style, can it be possible?

    2. I will also purchase the installation, would my site have a membership registration form and profile area?

    3. Does has the same plug in that have, such as the follow and like features at the top of all blogs.


    Thanks, and can't wait to hear from you guys before my purchase.





    Hi Jeremie,

    I'm one of theme authors here in Mojo and thought I might step in and clarify some moments for you.

    First of all, Mojo is a marketplace, that means the themes are not created by Mojo team but by authors who upload their work to Mojo. Think of it as a direct seller of the themes, not creator. Having this said, any specific questions you might have on the theme, should be posted in theme's comments page so the corresponding author can get back to you. Now about your questions:

    1) If the theme you chose supports such functionality then yes, otherwise it might need additional customizations.

    2) No, majority of themes don't come with such functionality as only some small percentage of buyers needs them. Instead, you can integrate one of hundreds of free membership plugins to achieve that.

    3) The question has nothing to do with any of themes here as you can't upload a theme in -s free hosting, you should purchase your own hosting.


    Hope this helps.


    J.R. Farr
    Key Master

    Thanks for stepping in @Webslusive! Perfect response to the questions.

    Jeremie – Also, if you have any general questions about MOJO you can always email our support staff any time! (support[at]mojo-themes[dot]com)




    Ok, understood, I've changed my mind anyway, and purchase the MainEvent theme, but still want some custom work. Who should I ask the theme owner or you?


    And by the way, I've also sent you an email this morning, requesting for the installation of the them.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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