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How may days does it take to judge the uploaded theme?

Forums Seller Tips How may days does it take to judge the uploaded theme?

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    I have uploaded a new responsive bootstrap theme developed by me on 1st july and still I dint hear anything from them. I donno whether they approved my theme or rejected.

    Any one please tell me how many days does it take to judge my product.



    it usually takes only about 24hrs be patient it will get reviewed maybe it took some time because there is a holiday 4th of july maybe they were off during the week.


    But I have uploaded on 1st july..



    did you try submitting a support ticket? or try to check your spam folder maybe it has been rejected or approved. if it was accepted you should recieve an email and if you submitted a wordpress theme you need to activate the theme on your account for it to be online.


    Yes! I have spoken to support team, and they told that ,my item was accepted a but I don’t see it live….

    I still see the item in my pending uploads!!!




    Hurreyyy!!! My item got accepted!!!!

    Please check my item here:




    I am having a similar problem. I uploaded my HTML template on July 2nd so it’s been 6 days now which seems quite long to me.

    I sent an email to the support staff hopefully I will hear back!



    They have excellent support team, you will hear back in a very short time. don’t worry friend!



    My two theme are accepted!!!

    Metro Page Responsive Template

    PORTIO REsponsive Template


    Thanks MOJO THEMES!!!!!!




    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    bbPress ANTISPAM: Spam IP: Congrats everyone and sorry for any delays. We can get backlogged sometimes.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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