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I want a full refund of both my theme cost and deposit.

Forums General I want a full refund of both my theme cost and deposit.

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    Soon one week that I've been in here, made $75 dollars deposit, purchase a theme, and contact the support team twice, but until now, they have not even bother getting back to me.

    It's either a scam of a incapability of satisfying a large customer base. I've no choice but to ask for full refund of my money. I need to find somewhere else where I can be serve better.

    The deposit was made via my Paypal account at the following email address: I really mean it, I need a full refund of my money otherwise I will have to file a lawsuit against your company.





    Hi mouithsone, sorry to about your troubles. As far as I understand as long as you file works the author does not have to provide support. That being said 90% of authors do provide really good support so you must have purchased from a theme author in the 10%. Check out the comments on an item and see if the comments get replied to. If they are you can assume that if you need help you will receive it. What theme are you using and issue are you having if you don't mind me asking?


    Petr M


    I want my money back too. Because this theme ( contain just TXT and XML. No support, no help… ok, just send me my money. I don´t believe that you fix bug in this item.



    I have had no problems with MOJO. I guess you bought some outdated themes. I always look for fresh and popular themes.



    @Petr M: I recommend you ask for support first to mojo.



    Sorry to hear about your troubles as well, could you let us know what theme you’re having issues with and what the exact issues are? Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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